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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.


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High Blood Pressure Question
Hi, I'm looking for advice more so than an answer to a question. I'm 51 and maybe 40 pounds overweight....More
Posted by patriots51463
still don't know whats the problem
hello! 21 years old student ! i was doing my final projects all of the sudden i started feeling weird...More
Posted by mohdhijjawi
High and Low BP
Hi, First time posting here. Not sure how to explain, but I am fluctuating from high to low. I am concerned...More
Posted by hrussinko
When is blood pressure high enough to require emer...
I am a 26 year old male, and am pretty over weight. I have had high blood pressure for years now, but it has...More
Posted by wow1115
bood pressure monitors
I have an old model 608 that measure with the read outs covering the wrist with the palm facing upward. My...More
Posted by An_257837
White Coat Syndrome
Any ideas, suggestions, on how not to have "white coat syndrome?" Pressure always high in doctor's office and...More
Posted by Shoes05
Erectile Dysfunction
Has anyone else had the same problem from taking Nifedipine? Ever since I've been on this medication,...More
Posted by nomoremedspls
Need some ideas of what to cook for high blood pressure
Posted by amberm1827
My BP Values : Should I be concerned?
17-6-2014 12:42 PM (systolic/diastolic - pulse) 131/94 - 102 17-6-2014 7:50 PM 110/92 - 105 18-6-2014...More
Posted by janedoeroi
My BP Values : Should I be concerned?
17-6-2014 12:42 PM[br>(systolic/diastolic - pulse)[br>131/94 - 102[br>[br>17-6-2014 7:50...More
Posted by janedoeroi
High Blood Pressure
My Blood Prssure is 176 over 76 How high is that? I am 34 weighing 86 KG and 1.75 m high. Should I need to...More
Posted by rezanaqvi
High Lately
My BP the Last 2 days has been 149/94. I'm on Linsopril to lower it and it's usually around 128/80. I just...More
Posted by scrapdad27
High Lately
My BP the Last 2 days has been 149/94. I'm on Linsopril to lower it and it's usually around 128/80. I just...More
Posted by scrapdad27
high blood while walking
I have been out of hospital three days from having a Tia. Of course I was lying down every time they took my...More
Posted by gerri1947
Changing Meds... PLEASE read and help!
Hi everyone! I am totally new here, and I have a question! This might be long, PLEASE stick with me! A...More
Posted by certainbubbles
how to lower my blood pressure
I'm 21 not overweight I'm 135 and 5"3 I went to the doctors and had bp 130 over 105 and after a couple...More
Posted by kristen5768

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I just started taking chlorthialzone 25 mg, the first day it did not make me urinate at all. Second day, I...More
Posted by adgarmla
BPH problem
Mt Bph was always low. About 10 years it began to get into the pre-hypertension phase and I had been...More
Posted by sandibear172
Should I worry?
I have always had low BP. Now don't ask me what the numbers were, I don't remember. But I always get the nurse...More
Posted by davewe
Side effects for blood pressure med.
I have. Experienced many side effects one of which is extreme swelling of the lower legs. With red...More
Posted by kingsnake

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BP issues and anxiety
I ''ve been so concerned with a potential heart issue that I've gone into daily anxiety. I take zesturetic...More
Posted by An_257031
183/ 148 Newby
I am 32 years old, female, and have had picture perfect blood pressure my whole life. My blood pressure is...More
Posted by meredith81
High Blood pressure
Hi I have recently been to my doctors for my checkup and my blood pressure which was always 118/75 was 161/88...More
Posted by An_257020

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High Blood Pressures (Seriously High) During Menst...
Please Help. My 35 yr. old daughter has been dealing with her BP going into the 150's - 160's/100's for 1...More
Posted by dee22552255
BP Problem
Starts off like this I have a BP Checking Obsession...not sure why it has come to a point where I have high...More
Posted by tacswat

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High Blood Pressure/Weight Loss
Lossing a significant amount of weight will help your blood pressure go down and possibly get you off of your medication. I know people who ... More
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