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Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

To learn more about how lifestyle changes can help manage and prevent symptoms:

Exercise and High Blood Pressure
Healthy Diet - Salt Shockers and Dash Diet


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Question, Is this drug a Nitrate? I need to know due to another med I may be taking - this pill really helped...More
Posted by dsmatt59
Concerned Girlfriend
I just checked my boyfriends blood pressure it was 160/100 he has a history of high blood pressure and is on...More
Posted by An_250834
Measuring BP
I monitored regularly at interval of six hours for few days.I was surprised to see the varying figures vastly...More
Posted by ashok69
Measuring BP
I monitored regularly at interval of six hours for few days.I was surprised to see the varying figures vastly...More
Posted by ashok69
Enough exercise?
Will 3 days/wk of weight training (30 mins ea) and 3 days of 30 mins brisk walking count as the 30 mins/day of...More
Posted by DWC01
High blood pressure, numb left big toe, sore knee,...
For a couple weeks, the tip of my left big toe has mostly felt asleep/numb. At times, the tips of some of my...More
Posted by An_250659
Lisinopril Cough Side Effect
I began taking Lisinopril on December 1, 2012 when prescribed by PCP for hypertension. I started coughing day...More
Posted by sondesara
blood pressure monitors
is there any insurance coverage or discount thru anthem to purchase a home monitor if advised to do so by my PCP
Posted by tjcort
blood presure
if i drank too much the night before, should i still take my lisinopril 5mg the next morning? I'm 52 female
Posted by An_250535

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if i drank too much the night before, should i still take my lisinopril 5mg the next morning? I'm 52 female
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Hello everyone. I'm on HBP pills and even though i'm taking them everyday, my pressure is always 177/117,...More
Posted by Bubbalicious
bp readings
I am a 45 yr old female with high blood pressure & high cholesterol, in which I am taking meds for the...More
Posted by An_250426
I have been taking 10 mg/day of Lisinopril for 9 months. It has been very effective in controlling my blood...More
Posted by saltlakemom
Increased dosage of Lotrel
My doctor increase my dosage of Lotrel from 5/40 to 10/40 which really helped bring my bp down but this...More
Posted by jlhillhouse
Lisinopril 20/12.5
I'm 33 and was previously on Lisinopril 10/12.5 which was just recently upped to Lisinopril 20/12.5. As of...More
Posted by Shelby903
Fluctuating BP
from 120/75 tp 150.79.I am 81 male.Some swelling of ankles.As such my all health parameters are normal except...More
Posted by ashok69
I was diagnosed with hbp 3 weeks ago, and i have been so depressed and cant stop crying, i am so scarred of...More
Posted by scarred
High Blood Pressure
I have high BP for almost one year and I am under two medications. My last reading was 182/82 mm Hg. I do...More
Posted by An_250100
how long before exercise reduces HBP?
I am a 45 yr old. I was diagnosed with HBP, in November 2012. I had been flirting with it for some time, but...More
Posted by An_250049
Exercise induced HTN
Hi, I have been very athetic my entire life. Recently, I have become dizzy, and exhausted during a few...More
Posted by Stagsrn
Scary HBP
It was great to read so many responses and advice to this post. I'm 33 and have HBP and I've started ACE...More
Posted by An_249969
High BP while lying down or during sleep
My dad [68 years old> has hypertension and has undergone a CABG 18 months back. His blood pressure is...More
Posted by sumitsage
What BP meds don't cause hair loss then?
Are there any known BP meds that don't cause hair loss?
Posted by An_249923
hair loss from BP meds
I was put on chlorthatlidone for HBP almost 2 months ago, and my hair started falling out after several weeks...More
Posted by wiseacre
36 yrs old male who is in great shape but has high...
My husband has been having trouble with high blood pressure. He eats right and exercises daily. He is not over...More
Posted by abfelty
Discussion Title
I am not a believer in medication or doctors, so I am always trying something on my own to fix anything. I...More
Posted by sunny1963
High Blood Pressure Medication
Hi Everyone, My father was taking Accuretic and Norvasc for his high blood pressure for a few years but he was...More
Posted by kboaler
catching my breath
My BP is about 125/80-135-85...I run at least 5k per weight lifting...HR is generally 60, 50 at...More
Posted by sandslot
systolic number
my blood pressure runs high, usually the systolic is high while the diastolic can remain close to a normal...More
Posted by AllenBrague
High blood pressure or not?
Whenever I go to the doctor, my blood pressure ranging between 130/85 and then sometimes 117/80. The last...More
Posted by sherryp843
exercised induced high blood pressure
I guess walking and building up to hills? Anyone else with this issue?
Posted by boots1952

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garlic oil
I've started taking 2 "garlic oil perles" along with my regular meds (metoperol, lisinopril. nefedipine) and my pressure has dropped 25 ... More
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