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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.


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BPH problem
Mt Bph was always low. About 10 years it began to get into the pre-hypertension phase and I had been...More
Posted by sandibear172
Should I worry?
I have always had low BP. Now don't ask me what the numbers were, I don't remember. But I always get the nurse...More
Posted by davewe
Side effects for blood pressure med.
I have. Experienced many side effects one of which is extreme swelling of the lower legs. With red...More
Posted by kingsnake

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BP issues and anxiety
I ''ve been so concerned with a potential heart issue that I've gone into daily anxiety. I take zesturetic...More
Posted by An_257031
183/ 148 Newby
I am 32 years old, female, and have had picture perfect blood pressure my whole life. My blood pressure is...More
Posted by meredith81
High Blood pressure
Hi I have recently been to my doctors for my checkup and my blood pressure which was always 118/75 was 161/88...More
Posted by An_257020

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High Blood Pressures (Seriously High) During Menst...
Please Help. My 35 yr. old daughter has been dealing with her BP going into the 150's - 160's/100's for 1...More
Posted by dee22552255
BP Problem
Starts off like this I have a BP Checking Obsession...not sure why it has come to a point where I have high...More
Posted by tacswat
Home BP machines
I asked this question before, but I did not get any response from a health care professional, so here I go...More
Posted by chopperbobby
BP 204/140
Does anyone know of ways to lower BP I have had BP problems for about 2 yrs, but the past 4 days it is around...More
Posted by lori5075
angry/happy about bp readings
on april 4 its 140/96 with meds office for my company exam. week later its 112/72 with meds...only...More
Posted by cheesedips
caring for my elderly mother with high BP
I have a question ....what BP triggers a visit to the ER? My Mom,78, lives with us, and she takes two BP meds...More
Posted by An_256694
caring for my elderly mother with high BP
I have a question ....what BP triggers a visit to the ER? My Mom,78, lives with us, and she takes two BP meds...More
Posted by An_256694
I like to have the views on the following. I am a senior citizen of advanced age. I did not have the BP but I...More
Posted by bmiqq
high bp reading
the lower number wont go below 90..with two meds its still 90-94..what would cause this??the top number has...More
Posted by cheesedips
proper procedure for taking bp reading
what is the correct way to take bp at the doctors office?? today they did it with me sitting on table,...More
Posted by cheesedips
High BP and Salt
Here's an interesting article talking about research that shows the low-salt diet we've been told is so...More
Posted by cjh1203
blood pressure
Im on BP meds, But i still Spike, bottom number over 100, I was in the hospital, which they thought was a small...More
Posted by jjcook
Blood Pressure Medication
I have been taking Atenolol daily for the past few years at 25mg. Having a consistent blood pressure reading at...More
Posted by jamesws
Newbie here! Took first BP meds today!
Hello everyone! Just finished reading the thread about quick rise in blood pressure. I found your stories...More
Posted by cheryl141414
Amlodipine Types and Questions
I have 4 questions actually. 1) My wife and I both now use Amlodipine tablets to control blood pressure (she...More
Posted by johnwjr7
Reducing blood pressure in a healthy, young(ish) m...
Hi all. About me: I'm 38, 5'9/160 pounds, I run six miles a day, six days a week, do 150 or so pushups...More
Posted by denverrunner
High blood pressure and getting off meds
Looking to help my FIL get off his blood pressure meds with essential oils. Any suggestions where/how to start?
Posted by mattnro
Very high blood pressure
I have over the last two days very scary BP of 255/160, the doctor said the wrist strap couldnt be working...More
Posted by An_256188

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Tool to track your blood pressure
Hi, I have a friend who has high blood pressure as does pretty much his whole family. His doctor asks them to regularly take their bp and ... More
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