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I have high blood pressure because _______________...
Do you know why your blood pressure is high or were you surprised by the...More
Reply: Help with hypertension
Good information Bill! sport, you might be suffering from White Coat...More
Dollars & Dentists, PBS FRONTLINE, June 26, 10 p.m...
Tonight (June 26, 2012) at 10 p.m. ET, PBS network's FRONTLINE will feature an...More
Reply: Really Scared
Marian4204 - Welcome! I'm sorry you are facing so many challenges at this time! ...More
New WebMD Privacy Policy
Dear Members, Just a note to let you know that WebMD's Privacy Policy has...More
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Here is a video that answers some questions about low blood pressure: Heart...More
Does high blood pressure run in your family?
If so, keeping physically fit may lower your odds of developing high blood...More
Reply: High Blood Pressure
With those numbers, he has high blood pressure and is at risk for health...More
Reply: HBP
Congrats on your exercise and healthy eating! How is your salt intake? That...More
Reply: hypertension
Have you checked with state or local programs about medical insurance? You might...More