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Reply: high blood pressure
Blood pressure readings of 200/130 or higher need treatment immediately. If...More
Reply: Low Blood Pressure
Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure (less than 90/60). ...More
Reply: high blood pressure and leg weakness
You can check side effects and user reviews of medications here: WebMD Drugs...More
Reply: ringing in the ears
This article describes the side effects of hypertension and include irregular...More
Reply: High BP and Chest Pain
I have a friend that experiences these - very concerning but he was told they...More
Soy Nutrient May Lower Blood Pressure
Nutrients called isoflavones -- found in soy, green tea, peanuts, and other...More
Reply: Calcium channel blockers
Please continue to work on stress reduction. Here are some additional...More
Reply: Sudden spike in blood pressure and heart rate
Subi, Keep us posted! Once you have a diagnosis, I might be able to point you...More
Reply: Nocturnal Itching
Have you recently changed medication? What about laundry detergent? I know that...More
Reply: Sudden spike in blood pressure and heart rate
Welcome! Many people have come to this community with this issue. A few...More

For more information, visit the Duke Health General and Consultative Heart Care Center