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Reply: Lisinopril - Menstrual Issues and Abnormal Bleedin...
Did you notify the pharmaceutical company? I originally had lisinopril about 5 years...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Lisinopril caused Peripheral neuropathy
I took lisinopril when I was first prescribed this type of med. I was coughing so badly...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: high blood pressure
you should go immediately to dr or urgent care/ER. It could be nothing, but are you...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Lowering BP without medication
Cut ADDED salt out of your diet entirely. Not as easy as it may sound. be VERY careful...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: cpap
I'm assuming you were diagnosed with sleep apnea? Did doc give you bp med? What was your...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: HBP-Next steps help please
You really need to talk to your doctor. Have you asked pharmacist whether hbp could be...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: High BP
change your way of eating, more (or SOME) exercise, BP monitoring. I'm sure DASH is good...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: White Coat Syndrome
Try to figure out WHY its happening. Its probably a fear of the "unknown". MY BP also...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: how to lower my blood pressure
More water, cut out ALL salt and try not to eat processed foods that have a lot of salt. ...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Suddenly spiking Blood Pressure sometimses with ra...
I HAD to cut salt. 1500mg is cut-off. I use NO added salt, and I get 1500-200mg/day just...More
Posted by kjme11374

For more information, visit the Duke Health General and Consultative Heart Care Center