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Reply: IBS and medication
They can also do that ctscan thing where you drink this quart of liquid and they make you wait and it shows ...More
Posted by jimi2012
Undiagnosed IBS?
After some personal "detective work," I see that my history with undiagnosed IBS likely dates back to my...More
Posted by revbettiann
Constipation and tail bone pain
About a week ago i had severe constipation and I have relieved it since then but my tail bone still hurts....More
Posted by lisacarson17
Low Fodmap
Hi all I am currently going through the process of the low fodmap diet to aid my IBS and have set up a...More
Posted by lucyfodmap86
Reply: IBS with multiple abdominal issues
Thank you for the reply. I have not yet done research other than what my gyno doctor has told me with the...More
Posted by armybrat8920
Reply: Has anyone with severe IBS ever returned to normal...
I am brand new to this site and just wrote a long post and evidently did something wrong because it would not...More
Posted by robinhill
IBS gone after 35 years using Keybiotics!!!!
I suffered from chronic diarrhea, urgency, abdominal pain and discomfort for 35 years and tried everything...More
Posted by liseloote
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Reply: Thank God
I was diagnosed with it After having a upper and lower gi test. Changed diet and exercise and problems...More
Posted by lvngmmy
Reply: IBS with chronic constipation
Where do you get it? Do you have to be put on it by your doctor?
Posted by lvngmmy
ibs back with a vengeance
I've struggled with IBS for years but recently it is back worse than ever. I go days sometimes even a week...More
Posted by lvngmmy
I'm a 44 year old women. For over 4 years now I have been gluten free. I have found this has helped with...More
Posted by sarahlouise123
Reply: IBS in recurring cycles
Oh yes yes yes. I feel you my friend!! I find that my IBS is like a wave. Things are fine for a bit and...More
Posted by crazycat_35
Reply: Bad, then fine, then worse
I almost felt like I was reading about myself!! in my late teens I was told I had IBS and have been...More
Posted by crazycat_35
Reply: Bentyl or hyoscyamine?
Boy, do I feel your pain! I have suffered IBS ( at least that is what the diagnosis is) for 18 years,...More
Posted by crazy4mellencamp
IBS in recurring cycles
I have IBS ( Cramping, bloating after defecation) which is debilitating both personally and socially . WHAT...More
Posted by bekared
Reply: IBS
My doctor suggested seeing a dietitian, which i did and its made the world of difference! ...More
Posted by monikles
Reply: Possible IBS in 5 y.o.
there is a disorder that causes a person to vomit I'm not sure of the name but I do know someone who has it....More
Posted by vmaes2118
Reply: Is it IBS?
Thank you.
Posted by ruszki
Reply: HELP :(
I hear you that started for me 10 to 15 years ago, I still take Imodium everyday only now I am in pain a lot...More
Posted by vmaes2118
Reply: Need good probiotic suggestion
My mom has had great luck with probiotic supplements, and uses them to treat a variety of different health...More
Posted by meganneh
Reply: Recurring pain on right side
Hello! You may want to go to your physician. My pain was the same but had emergency gall bladder removal....More
Posted by momof2girls68
Reply: Despair with gas
Hi there. I've been searching info on the web all day about this very problem. When I read your post, I...More
Posted by pumpkingirl1
Reply: The right probiotics help and might be a cure for ...
my doctor recommended probiotics with 50 billion colonies per dose. I'm currently taking Florastor which helps a...More
Posted by zipzip
IBS with Constipation
I have IBS with costipation , went to dr again after not going for nine days, then 4 days later the same thing...More
Posted by floanne
nausea and vomiting food poisioning
My sister who is her late 70's can't eat restaurant food or prepared food because she claims that she is...More
Posted by wojski1
Reply: Gas
hello..i have similar condition negativity in the morning for few hours because of diarrhea and pain after...More
Posted by coolsachu
Pain/ Cramps after Bowel Movement
I am suffering form IBS from 5 yrs...its living hell previously i used to go 3-6 times anytime... but now...More
Posted by coolsachu

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My IBS was actually SIBO
I hope this helps someone! I've had IBS for years with general practice Drs telling me it was nerves or all in...More
Posted by bxrgrl7
Reply: ibs help
Trust me I have the same problem and I'm trying so hard to figure it out, I'm basically starving myself cause...More
Posted by An_258691
Reply: Constant nausea
My suggestion is to eat yogurt at least 2 times per day. I also eat every few hours, fruit or yogurt. This...More
Posted by seafairy

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I have had stomach and digestive issues since I was young, but the last 5 years or so, it has gotten so much worse (I am now 49). In these last few ye...More

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