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Reply: Need help please
Hiya, I'd suggest trying to eat little bits when and where you can, not eating usually makes my symptoms...More
Posted by pseudenim
Please Help
Hi, so when I was younger (around 5 or 6) I used to get a LOT of stomach aches and pains. I had many...More
Posted by pseudenim
Digestive Health Alliance of IFFGD
IFFGD is your resource for reliable digestive health knowledge, support, and assistance about functional...More
Posted by An_264875
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Reply: Frequent cramping
I agree with redddog ..dicyclomine and antacids did the trick for me.
Posted by Ericajohnsos
Clinical Trial For Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cr...
Currently, there are no Canadian or U.S. FDA approved stem cell therapies for treating Crohn's disease which...More
Posted by alonecent
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Bloody Night - first time
I'm wondering whether a manual rectal exam would find traces of blood after having a bout of bloody bowels...More
Posted by An_264855
Reply: 23 Years Old and Recently Diagnosed with IBS - Nee...
hey i found out that ibs-d can also be due to deficiency of vitamin d and vitamin b12( though vit b12 deficiency...More
Posted by xyzguy
Gallblader removal or IBS?
I had my gallbladder removed about 20+ years ago and that's when my problems started. Every time I eat I...More
Posted by auntiedana
Reply: HELP :(
You're not alone! Sometimes, my legs start shaking during a bad episode, I never can really understand. I think...More
Posted by cbidw
Question about IBS and paleo diet
I was just told i may have ibs I've gotten tested for lactose and gluten allergies and both were negative myt...More
Posted by Ashw829
Reply: Has anyone with severe IBS ever returned to normal...
Lomotil and Bentyl work for me, they actually constipate me some if I'm not careful and before I found those I...More
Posted by kelsusie
Reply: chronic incapacitating diarrhea
Can you take Bentyl? It helps slow things down and is also an antispasmodic. If you are on a bunch of...More
Posted by kelsusie
Support group wanted:
I am currently undiagnosed and baffling my doctor. I can't digest fat, especially animal based fats, can't eat...More
Posted by Edyenea
Reply: Diarrhea 20 minutes after eating
My friend had a similar problems several years ago. Explosive diarrhea 15 minutes after almost every...More
Posted by Debrainspokane
IBS and pain
Hope this airs? Am 77, had IBS (constipation type) 3 years, always had stomach problems (diverticulosis,...More
Posted by shring12
Reply: Teen with IBS
I'm sorry to hear that/: I also had an upper GI that came out fine. Has she tried an IBS friendly diet...More
Posted by An_264500
Reply: What can I eat on the go?
I'm new and this too but recently I've found a lot of my snacks at Fresh and Easy and if you don't have one near...More
Posted by sam345
Diarrhea when eating healthier
I had my gallbladder removed over 2 years ago and ever since I have had severe diarrhea when eating...More
Posted by pompom616
Reply: Ibs
Dicyclomine is the only thing that gives me any relief at all.
Posted by redddog
Reply: Pain/ Cramps after Bowel Movement
My symptoms are different but I so hope you find relief because I understand that life with these pains or...More
Posted by DogLuvver

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Do you have cramps/ pain after passing stool
  • yes for hours
  • yes for a very short period
  • yes only when mucus comes
  • mucus comes but no cramps
  • no not at all
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Reply: my ibs
I have only been suffering from ibs for a few months now, but it really is dibilitating and leads to those...More
Posted by An_264038
went to er two times with pain, its gas. Gastro Dr. tells me to take miralex and metamucil but pains...More
Posted by An_263958
went to er two times with pain, its gas. Gastro Dr. tells me to take miralex and metamucil but pains...More
Posted by An_263958
Reply: How I am controlling IBS
Have heard some say inulin causes more bloating. Has anyone experienced this ?
Posted by mojo3132
IBS - C & D
Diagnosed 12/14, still trying to figure this condition out!! Can anyone explain to me why I have severe...More
Posted by An_259511
Frequent Bowel movements
Since the beginning of June, I have had to go to the bathroom each time I go to urinate which is often. Also...More
Posted by frane1939
Reply: Unable to keep a job due to IBS
I had been diagnosed with micro colitis about 7 years ago. Every time I experienced loose stools, I would take...More
Posted by tazjudy

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If you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), is your job at risk due to missing work?
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  • I have lost my job(s) due to IBS.
  • I have not had issues with missing work due to IBS.
  • I miss some work due to IBS.
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Chronic diarrhea relief ...
Those suffering chronic diarrhea might have a gut microbiome imbalance, or a deficiency in one or more good...More
Posted by kungfumoth
Reply: Need good probiotic suggestion
A probiotic oral solution works well for some, better for others. If some probiotics helps; try a probiotic...More
Posted by An_263404

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have had stomach and digestive issues since I was young, but the last 5 years or so, it has gotten so much worse (I am now 49). In these last few ye...More

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ibs is a mess
Omg, I was diagnosed with ibs. Where did it come from???? Have to find a remedy because this is not fun. Knots in the stomach, stomach on ... More
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