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What can I eat on the go?
I have just been diagnosed with IBS and lactose intolerant. When I follow the FODMAP diet with also...More
Posted by StephaniNM
tested postive for genetic marker for celiac. thin...
IBS diagnosed 10 years ago. Pretty much went away after 6 months of testing to rule out scary stuff and dr put...More
Posted by sindys
Frequent cramping
I was diagnosed with ibs about 6 months ago and like many other cases, I suffer from both diarrhea and...More
Posted by An_264043
Teen with IBS
Hello I have IBS and My 14 yr old Daughter has it too mine is not a big issue now that I no longer work but...More
Posted by bandmominaz
went to er two times with pain, its gas. Gastro Dr. tells me to take miralex and metamucil but pains...More
Posted by An_263958
went to er two times with pain, its gas. Gastro Dr. tells me to take miralex and metamucil but pains...More
Posted by An_263958
IBS - C & D
Diagnosed 12/14, still trying to figure this condition out!! Can anyone explain to me why I have severe...More
Posted by An_259511
Frequent Bowel movements
Since the beginning of June, I have had to go to the bathroom each time I go to urinate which is often. Also...More
Posted by frane1939
chronic incapacitating diarrhea
For over eight months I have had diarrhea. This is on a daily basis and I have up to as many as twenty to...More
Posted by runnanarun
Chronic diarrhea relief ...
Those suffering chronic diarrhea might have a gut microbiome imbalance, or a deficiency in one or more good...More
Posted by kungfumoth
Unable to keep a job due to IBS
Things I live with: Chronic Pain Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)...More
Posted by avia16

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  • I have not had issues with missing work due to IBS.
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I've had 4 colonoscopies in the last several years as well as endoscopes to try and find what's wrong with me...More
Posted by cano1865
At a loss...
For 10+ years I have had this feeling in my stomach that is quite uncomfortable and at times unbearable: My...More
Posted by danson54
my ibs
Hi I have had ibs-d for almost a decade now. Five months alcohol free, I quit drinking to live a normal life...More
Posted by seth36
Internal hemorrhoid ablation?
Hi, I recently had a colonoscopy done due to the recurrent constipation I have been having for the past few...More
Posted by greenpak07
I was just diagnosed with IBS after a colonoscopy yesterday. I have no idea where to start. Does anyone else...More
Posted by tidwell33
fiber & water effecting constipation?
I wonder if what I eat for breakfast, or how much, is having an effect on my bowel movements. Sometimes when I...More
Posted by samtum
Is this IBS> graphic photo ....
I suffer with constipation, this is like for around 3 weeks without going, (the doc says this is normal for...More
Posted by mojokeno
seeking gastroenterologist in Phoenix area
Hello, I'm looking to find a well respected gastroenterologist in the Phoenix, AZ area (northeast valley...More
Posted by azhummer
Undiagnosed IBS?
After some personal "detective work," I see that my history with undiagnosed IBS likely dates back to my...More
Posted by revbettiann
Constipation and tail bone pain
About a week ago i had severe constipation and I have relieved it since then but my tail bone still hurts....More
Posted by lisacarson17
Low Fodmap
Hi all I am currently going through the process of the low fodmap diet to aid my IBS and have set up a...More
Posted by lucyfodmap86
IBS with multiple abdominal issues
I'm 25. One day in August of 2014 I had really bad menstral/stomach issues. I would be on it for months on...More
Posted by armybrat8920
IBS and medication
I've been having IBS for about 4 years now. Lately it's been completely unbearable and I can't sleep...More
Posted by yolanda1208
ibs back with a vengeance
I've struggled with IBS for years but recently it is back worse than ever. I go days sometimes even a week...More
Posted by lvngmmy
I'm a 44 year old women. For over 4 years now I have been gluten free. I have found this has helped with...More
Posted by sarahlouise123
Has anyone with severe IBS ever returned to normal...
I have been suffering diarrhea, stomach pain, sharp pains, etc... for the last 20 years. I am not 40...More
Posted by lookingforcure

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have always had tummy issues and they I remember growing up watching my mother suffer through tummy and bathroom issues. Then my daughter started sh...More

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