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Reply: I am having major stomach and intestinal issues. A...
Waconcept, what specific tests have you had done? What's your family history regarding any...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: This has got to stop!
Isayonara, have you ever been tested for food intolerance issues? Many people have found...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Does anyone else have these symptoms?
You're not nuts by any means. A lot of people unfortunately have a variety of symptoms...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Headaches and tummy aches
Licorice has a steroid component to it and it's known to tamp down stomach and abdominal...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: it's it ibs??!!
You may want to consider being tested for gluten issues. A recent report suggested that...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Anxiety and IBS
If you're using peppermint, make sure it's enteric coat so that it will open and work in...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: IBS Getting Worse With Time HELP!
You may want to consider being checked out for food intolerances. In a fairly decent...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: 4 year old diagnosed with IBS/Colitis
Confuzed, do some reading about the use of probiotics and ulcerative colitis. You can find...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Has anyone tried Xifaxan for IBS?!?!?
The antibiotic is used, or has been used, for those considered to have SIBO - small...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: IBS
Wolfie, you may want to consider the idea that you might be one of the approx. 1/4 of...More
Posted by calgal37