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Reply: I need advice
What other symptoms - even if they don't seem to be related to your GI tract - have you...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: I'm just slowly wasting away
Any other symptoms that you haven't mentioned? Any rashes? 'Brain-fog?' Changes in bowel...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Opinions/Guestimation. Constant Constipation, Naus...
MsDoyle, one thing you might want to consider trying is to take all dairy products out of...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: I feel at home now
Not sure, but we've run into some similar conditions in the individuals we see in the...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: help my son
Bryan, how bad is the constipation? Is he 'holding' his stool purposefully, or? Are...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Irritable Zonk Syndrome?
I believe you need to look a bit further. If you've haven't already been tested for food...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Increased frequency
Antibiotics can change the type and number of 'good bacteria' in the digestive tract while...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Not sure it's IBS
There are a number of different groups that work on the problem of IBS. Two of the largest...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Indiagnosed IBS potential Pain
An_240615, I'm curious. I know you say she's had food tests, but specifically which ones...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Amitriptyline
I tried the drug for awhile many years ago. Unfortunately it didn't do much for me,...More
Posted by calgal37