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Reply: Should I be worried?
It sounds like your dad had a polyp. Sometimes they're cancerous and other times they're...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Gas, bloating, belching, frequent b-room trips, he...
The gas and bloating are highly suggestive of a food intolerance. Have you have any food...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Newby w/ IBD, UC
It's only been a few months so I'm not surprised that you're still having problems. These...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: just diagnosed
Try this: More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: DigestaCure
I haven't tried it, but I know it's been talked about on WebMD many times. Of the people...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Questions! Webmd expert advise prefered please.
There isn't a WebMD expert on this board. You might find the resource I just posted...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Crap Doctor
Doctors not wanting to do a lot of testing to try to find a needle in a haystack - typical....More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Can emotional triggers be as strong as food trigge...
Emotional triggers can cause problems in people who don't have digestive problems - so yes...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: What's that smell???
Food intolerances can cause that. When the body can't digest something properly then it...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: bmiq
The thing is that IBS isn't one set of symptoms. When the doctor runs tests and can't find...More
Posted by sheba_q