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I have always had tummy issues and they I remember growing up watching my mother suffer through tummy and bathroom issues. Then my daughter started showing the signs even earlier than I did and I got very proactive. Now we are on a very highly organic diet. We avoid preservatives and additives at all cost.We eat very little processed sugar and slowly we are seeing more and more changes in our tummy and bathroom issues. For now I have been diagnosed with IBS and a corn intolerance as well as Fibromyalgia which also plays into my tummy and bathroom issues. I am a big proponet of being proactive and reminding your doctor you PAY Them Not the other way around and its not doctor shopping if your doctor is not ADEQUATELY addressing your questions or concerns or blows you off!! This is not acceptable. I have changed not only my GI doctor but also had to go through two pediatricians to get proper diagnosis. Its sad to think about it and it is also a relatively new thought process that we have a say in our medical treatment.

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