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Reply: Urinary retention and distended bladder
I suffered from severe urinary retention caused by obstruction from a large prostate. I practically went into...More
Posted by An_264409
mixed incontinence
I'm thirteen and think I have mixed incontinence. is this normal?
Posted by An_264267
Reply: Adult bed wetting
I can relate to that I wet the bed till i was in my late teens it eventually got better unless I drank...More
Posted by rainman1105
Reply: My situation
yes stress does make it worse, especially the pain-83D-E1E
Posted by ssmaria
Interstitial Cystitis after Hysyerectomy
Hi, I had a complete hysterectomy (except gyno surgeon left cervix in) when I was 38 for blood filled...More
Posted by An_263929
meds and incontinence
any time I take a new medication or have to take a pain pill or muscle relaxer I. end up being totally...More
Posted by daddyof31994
Reply: New to this, but I knew it was coming
I understand where your coming from I deal with with mixed incontinence I use the disposable products. I...More
Posted by daddyof31994
I am 57, have a neurogenic bladder and have to self cath 3-4 times a day. I am prone to periodic utis which...More
Posted by blueheron1
Reply: Interstim
Hi, I was scheduled for phase 1 for this Thursday but just realized that I really didn't look into it as much...More
Posted by marysue15
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Reply: Bladder Sling Problems
Hi, I had a bladder sling put in in 2010 for bladder incontinance. In the past 2 years I started to get a...More
Posted by lvhearts
Reply: OAB i'm 29 what can I do?
I'm 25, male and suffer from an OAB. For as long as I remember I have been absolutely terrified about long...More
Posted by marshland
Reply: Male urinary incontinence implant
This is wch39 have had the ans800 activated 2 weeks ago. It is working great, after urination, closes off with...More
Posted by wch39
Reply: botox injections
Thanks for posting. Useful information. Although to me, not being able to pee normally and having to use a...More
Posted by fred999
Reply: incontinence following catheter wear
Hi, How are you doing now? I hope that everything is going well.
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Misdiagnois with Urethral Stricture
Yes, I went to the doctor for OAB and he performed the surgery for urethral stricture. It did not help me at...More
Posted by An_261564

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has any other women been misdiagnoised or told that they have this rare disorder in women.
  • Urethral stricture misdiagnois
  • kfdkfkfk
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Reply: Botox for incontinence?
2.5 years, i have been gettig up, every hour....hour and a half, before i can get to the
Posted by An_261553
Reply: Can OAB be caused by Mesh Implant?
Have you spoken with your doctor about these symptoms that you are experiencing? He/She would be best to...More
Posted by atti_editor
Urgency, psychological or not?
I have been seeing my doc about urinary urgency issues and the doc said I have OAB after checking that there...More
Posted by logician04
Will the bladder heal?
Is there hope that my 57 yr. old son's bladder can return to normal? All other organs are normal, such as the...More
Posted by gg207
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Reply: Chronic Urethritis
As a man I can only sympathize with you with you. I just got rid of three bladder stones the size of chicken...More
Posted by gene6747
Reply: Going for the implant
I was wondering if you had the device implanted; I'm trying to obtain info for my mom. thanks so much...More
Posted by maryleeformom
Insertion of electric stimulator device to prevent...
Hi there, I am a 22 year old female who has had an overactive bladder for the past 2 years due to a nasty...More
Posted by misshopeful92

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Have you had the sacral neuromodulation device implanted and did it improve the sense of urgency to go to the bathroom even when the bladder is not full?
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Reply: Incontinence due to MS
Hi! I have both types of urinary incontinence - troubles voiding and no warning to get to the bathroom. I found...More
Posted by tracyq
Reply: OAB
I was going every hour and a half to two hours at night. Tried all the 'scrips but nothing worked. Oxytrol...More
Posted by jrosmom
Reply: my OAB
I feel your pain on the travel situation. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for daily use, but when I travel I...More
Posted by jrosmom
Dilations, Uti's, or Urethral Stricture
Are there women that have been told that Dilating is normal for uti's or for something called a Urethral...More
Posted by msdee17012

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Have you been told you need to be Dilated?
Have you been told you have Urethral Stricture
  • Are you going to the bathroom a lot
  • Has a doctor told you that you need to be Dilated
  • Have you been dilated regularly for constant uti's
  • Have you ever heard of a bladder conditon called Urethral Strictu
  • Do you self catherize yourself permanetly.
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Reply: detrusitol overactivity please help
You must find a doctor who specializes in Women with Bladder Issues. I do not want to scare you. There are...More
Posted by msdee17012
Bladder Augmentation Cystoplasty Reconstructive Su...
Has anyone had the procedure titled "Augmentation Cystoplasty Reconstructive Surgery. How are you doing. I...More
Posted by msdee17012
Reply: Involuntary oozing of stool/ Soiled undies
I'm glad you recognize all the problems that loom ahead in the future if this doesn't get resolved! When I...More
Posted by nortonweb
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Reply: Watery Eyes During Urination
Ok I am 55 year old man, I have been wondering why myself. this started around 2005 about 7 years ago, I...More
Posted by lqqk4randy

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Overactive Bladder ? Don?t Suffer in SilenceExpert
Considered abnormal at any age, overactive bladder is a very common condition that affects both men and women but is more common in women. ... More
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