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botox injections
Hi After suffering all my life with bladder problems, My friends all understood my problem. If I had an...More
Posted by An_262116
Can OAB be caused by Mesh Implant?
Hello Everyone. I had stress incontinence problems, and in 2010 had a bladder suspension surgery. Since...More
Posted by limpingwolf
incontinence following catheter wear
Hi I had prostate surgery 2 weeks ago and finally, today had my catheter removed. I'm worried because I have...More
Posted by An_261296
Urgency, psychological or not?
I have been seeing my doc about urinary urgency issues and the doc said I have OAB after checking that there...More
Posted by logician04
Will the bladder heal?
Is there hope that my 57 yr. old son's bladder can return to normal? All other organs are normal, such as the...More
Posted by gg207
Male urinary incontinence implant
I am a 66 y.o. Male contemplating the implant of an AUS (artificial urinary implant) for urinary incontinence...More
Posted by An_260348
Insertion of electric stimulator device to prevent...
Hi there, I am a 22 year old female who has had an overactive bladder for the past 2 years due to a nasty...More
Posted by misshopeful92

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Have you had the sacral neuromodulation device implanted and did it improve the sense of urgency to go to the bathroom even when the bladder is not full?
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  • No
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Dilations, Uti's, or Urethral Stricture
Are there women that have been told that Dilating is normal for uti's or for something called a Urethral...More
Posted by msdee17012

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Have you been told you need to be Dilated?
Have you been told you have Urethral Stricture
  • Are you going to the bathroom a lot
  • Has a doctor told you that you need to be Dilated
  • Have you been dilated regularly for constant uti's
  • Have you ever heard of a bladder conditon called Urethral Strictu
  • Do you self catherize yourself permanetly.
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Bladder Augmentation Cystoplasty Reconstructive Su...
Has anyone had the procedure titled "Augmentation Cystoplasty Reconstructive Surgery. How are you doing. I...More
Posted by msdee17012
Misdiagnois with Urethral Stricture
I am a woman who was misdiagnoised with urethral stricture and became totally incontinent due to my wrong...More
Posted by msdee17012

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has any other women been misdiagnoised or told that they have this rare disorder in women.
  • Urethral stricture misdiagnois
  • kfdkfkfk
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Chronic UTIs
My mother has had chronic UTIs now for almost 5 years. She has advanced Parkinson's Disease with limited...More
Posted by ncmovetoor
Stage 1 Interstim Implant TOMORROW 8/13
I have NO IDEA why I haven't posted here sooner and Hope that someone or a few someones may have some advice or...More
Posted by nowthis
OAB i'm 29 what can I do?
Hi wondering if anyone can give me some more advice. I have had an OAB for years and wet the bed on and off...More
Posted by jessicahb29
New to this, but I knew it was coming
I've had the luxury of working rather close to a restroom. For the past 30 years. Even when I traveled...More
Posted by kingpig
New to this, but I knew it was coming
I've had the luxury of working rather close to a restroom. For the past 30 years. Even when I traveled...More
Posted by kingpig
Going for the implant
I am 48 years old and have suffered with bladder problems for 22 years. My first child started the process, then...More
Posted by kgk48
Question after trial
I just finished the trial and had mixed results. The first day was great but the second day I had to keep turning...More
Posted by kgk48
antibacterial wipes vs soap and water
Trying to keep the entry point of the catheter clean. My husband is having a difficult time getting in and out of...More
Posted by ctgma
Bladder retention
My husband has numerous health issues. Among them, four primary cancers. He has been on numerous chemos over the...More
Posted by ctgma
my OAB
years...nothing works. for the past 3 years i've been afraid travel....sometimes i go every 15-30 min....and...More
Posted by kjme11374
Fecal incontinece
My ob/gyn referred me to a uro/gyn board certified physician that is recommending interstim therapy for fecal...More
Posted by An_257661
Severe bladder distention
I am 64 years old. I have been self catheterizing for 15 years because of an enlarged prostate which caused my...More
Posted by tgashy
watery eyes during urination
I've had this all my life, 60 plus years. Nothing to worry about. I'm also a member of the rare blood...More
Posted by bevski
I am 46 and have noticed lately at night I am getting up more at night to go now, this just started...More
Posted by Anon_163259
I had this implant 2012, I had no issues with infections, however if does not work for me at all. I still have...More
Posted by cas53
detrusitol overactivity please help
hi, im a 23 year old female last year i got diagnosed with detrusor overactivity (sudden urge no leak) i...More
Posted by An_256531
Botox for a bladder spasam issue at night
Does anyone have experience with BOTOX for bladder spasms? If you are under pressure more than 3 times a...More
Posted by An_256368

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Dealing with incontinence as an active person.
I've been dealing with incontinence due to a nerve injury for more than 20 years. I am 48 now and my incontinence began at age 25. However, ... More
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