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    Burning sensation when urinating
    I am a 72 year old male and had TURBT about 7 weeks ago. I am still experiencing burning when urinating, . ...More
    Posted by Andy125
    I had radiation and brachytherapy (seeds) to treat prostate cancer, and it has destroyed my bladder. I have a...More
    Posted by SteveM1
    Treatment for overactive bladder - side effects
    I just finished reading the WebMD article and was surprised that not all side effects of these...More
    Posted by An_267122
    This has been a nightmare.
    My husband had a kidney stone removed November 2015. It was extremely large and dense. The surgeon was only able...More
    Posted by TCHope
    Cursed with a bad bladder, but no physical proof/h...
    Hello everyone. I'm a 19, going on 20, female with a long history of bladder problems. I have been...More
    Posted by An_266878
    botox injection in bladder side effects
    My 88 year old mother was diagnosed with overactive bladder about 2 months ago. She was put on vesicare...More
    Posted by concernedson1
    Incontinence at night.
    I have this same problem, and quite honestly it is traumatic. Just last night I had a very vivid dream,...More
    Posted by An_266118
    IC Bladder Issues after Hysterectomy
    15 months ago my life ended. After suffering from only chronic pelvic pain for years, I had my uterus,...More
    Posted by onthespot
    does anybody besides me have inconsistent fecal incontinence ?
    Posted by 1gizmo2
    What product should I use?
    Hi, I'm a 46-year old mother of 2 wonderful children, and I suffer from UI and have for about a year after...More
    Posted by An_264903
    Interstim Device
    I have been taking many different pills and one worked some what. My Doctor suggested Botox shots. I did it and...More
    Posted by PattiL7
    mixed incontinence
    I'm thirteen and think I have mixed incontinence. is this normal?
    Posted by An_264267
    Interstitial Cystitis after Hysyerectomy
    Hi, I had a complete hysterectomy (except gyno surgeon left cervix in) when I was 38 for blood filled...More
    Posted by An_263929
    meds and incontinence
    any time I take a new medication or have to take a pain pill or muscle relaxer I. end up being totally...More
    Posted by daddyof31994
    New to the Group
    Hi, everyone. I am a young 72 year old female and have had OAB for years now. It wasn't so bad at first but...More
    Posted by An_263642
    My situation
    Hey everyone, hope you are all well. I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with oab a little over a year ago...More
    Posted by foxtrot189
    I am 57, have a neurogenic bladder and have to self cath 3-4 times a day. I am prone to periodic utis which...More
    Posted by blueheron1
    I had the Medtronic interstim implanted in Oct 2014. It helped during the day (from going every 2 hours to...More
    Posted by robin43s
    botox injections
    Hi After suffering all my life with bladder problems, My friends all understood my problem. If I had an...More
    Posted by An_262116
    Can OAB be caused by Mesh Implant?
    Hello Everyone. I had stress incontinence problems, and in 2010 had a bladder suspension surgery. Since...More
    Posted by limpingwolf
    incontinence following catheter wear
    Hi I had prostate surgery 2 weeks ago and finally, today had my catheter removed. I'm worried because I have...More
    Posted by An_261296
    Urgency, psychological or not?
    I have been seeing my doc about urinary urgency issues and the doc said I have OAB after checking that there...More
    Posted by logician04
    Will the bladder heal?
    Is there hope that my 57 yr. old son's bladder can return to normal? All other organs are normal, such as the...More
    Posted by gg207

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    Tips for Keeping your Bladder HealthyExpert
    Like so many parts of our bodies, your brain, your bladder and the muscles that control your bladder are always communicating. When your ... More
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