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interstim for bowel issues
Has anyone used a InterStim Therapy for bowel problems? If so, has it been successful?
Posted by monarchgal
No help from doctors
I've been reduced to think that this is some kind of evolutionary survival technique. Our eyes water in order to...More
Posted by notime
fecal incontinence during sex
I am so embarrassed. I am 46, with depression and anxiety, often times I have terrible, painful constipation...More
Posted by ln1966
i eat mostly kosher food....... is it the problem?
every morning when i wake up i get a sudden urge to do number 2 and most of the time i don't make it to the...More
Posted by cogniben
Aetna and Interstim implant
My wife had severe OAB. It started maybe 2 years ago and got to the point she had to go every 15 minutes....More
Posted by chucktoo
Medtronic Interstim Device
I have a Metronic Interstim device and I think I have spinal stenosis in my lumbar. I know that I can't...More
Posted by zippyzippydog
underactive bladder
does pumpkin seed extract or any supplement help with an underactive bladder?More
Posted by berg2746
Urethral Uncomfort
Hello I am a 22 year old female. For the past four days I have been having a constant burning/uncomfortable...More
Posted by An_249248
Bladder Colonization
My wife has brain cancer. After the radiation and initial chemo treatments she began to suffer from numerous...More
Posted by Webpack3
I am 47, and I have suffered for the past 6months with UTI like symptoms. I have been screened for everything...More
Posted by An_248807
am a 57 year old woman-post month ago i spent 2 sleepless nights urinating every 5...More
Posted by makayj
I am looking at getting INterstim possibly. I have concenrs if it will work. I was born with spina bifida and a...More
Posted by szcott
Where do you get your incontinence supplies?
Hey Yall, I am curious where everyone gets their incontinence supplies from. I usually order online from a...More
Posted by An_248175
back problem, pain in elbow and urine incontinence
herniated disk is what the symptoms checker shows. Would this also cause the incontinence with urine?
Posted by ssmith56
Botox for incontinence?
Well, I am a veteran of several medications for my bladder control....none seems to work. Now, my dr. has just...More
Posted by wojack
Adult Onset Bedwetting
First, since I'm new here, hello all! Second, I saw my GP this morning who ran blood & urine, scheduled...More
Posted by An_247466
Inter-Stim Neurstimulator by Medtronic
I suffered from urinary retention for over a yr. and did my research found the Inter-Stim device and...More
Posted by loveinterstim06
Inter-Stim Neurstimulator by Medtronic
I suffered from urinary retention for over a yr. and did my research found the Inter-Stim device and...More
Posted by loveinterstim06
I have cytocele and rectocele complicated with urg...
In 2007 I had a hysterectomy, in 2008 had a partical colectomy, so everything is prollapsed! Now, I have...More
Posted by tammycashat
night time incontinence
I have been taking Geodon and Klonopin for 2 weeks in PM. I have developed complete incontinence at night...More
Posted by An_246813
last resort for pain answer can anyone help
Hello, I am a 38 year old caucasion male. I am looking to see if anyone hhere might be experiencing similar...More
Posted by mf_7326
In 2008, the dalmations were all on penicillin! Yes, I think, that it is true!
Posted by Yolky
Eye watery yucky
Mye eyes water a lot from the outer corners like towards my ears but I haven't noticed it while peeing. They just...More
Posted by Yolky
Urge Incontinence and sleeping pills
Hi All, I have urge incontinence. I wear Poise pads currently. At night I wake up at least two times and...More
Posted by Babette1217
Mens Urinary Incontenence Supplies
Does anyone know a site or community where I might sell several thousand urinary incontinence supplies...More
Posted by An_245219
ONLY 23 and have problems emptying my bladder!
may be a little bit of self diagnosis but i think i have nocturia. I can only urinate a few drops ,...More
Posted by MarilynMonroe0615
seen my urologists about 2weeks ago to have a test done and go over my next treatments options,which might be...More
Posted by Anon_918
New Member
I am a new member Hi every one . I am embarise iam 36 and i have wet pants here and there. some days dry and...More
Posted by DiperK
leakage turns black
I suffer from incontinence and when I go back to the bath room the urine on my pad is black with in hours of...More
Posted by An_244846
Men's Question
For a couple of months now, I have felt the need to urinate quite frequently but often have little discharge. But...More
Posted by jcbiv

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Overactive Bladder ? Don?t Suffer in SilenceExpert
Considered abnormal at any age, overactive bladder is a very common condition that affects both men and women but is more common in women. ... More
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