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Mens Urinary Incontenence Supplies
Does anyone know a site or community where I might sell several thousand urinary incontinence supplies...More
Posted by An_245219
ONLY 23 and have problems emptying my bladder!
may be a little bit of self diagnosis but i think i have nocturia. I can only urinate a few drops ,...More
Posted by MarilynMonroe0615
seen my urologists about 2weeks ago to have a test done and go over my next treatments options,which might be...More
Posted by Anon_918
New Member
I am a new member Hi every one . I am embarise iam 36 and i have wet pants here and there. some days dry and...More
Posted by DiperK
leakage turns black
I suffer from incontinence and when I go back to the bath room the urine on my pad is black with in hours of...More
Posted by An_244846
Men's Question
For a couple of months now, I have felt the need to urinate quite frequently but often have little discharge. But...More
Posted by jcbiv
UTI and high volume of urine
Hello, The past 2 months I have been dealing with frequent urination that is driving me nuts. My general...More
Posted by An_243543
Crohn's Disease
I am 51 years old with crohn's disease. I was about 26 when I found out I had Crohn's disease. I started taking...More
Posted by r0zaba
bladder problems
Let me start by saying I am open to all help. I have had this problem of going to the bathroom in the middle...More
Posted by An_243791
Diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis after Hystere...
HI, I am 34 years old and I had a hysterectomy last July 2011 and the minute I woke up from surgery I...More
Posted by yvetteb34
Last night i was washing dishes and Standing and then all of sudden i felt my pants little wet . I rush to...More
God is Good
Posted by Gatorman75
I notice when driving i got to go bathroom alot when i get out of car. i go to the store and i go straight...More
God is Good
Posted by Gatorman75
New onset of urinary incontinence accompanied by b...
I am an almost 60 year old caucasion male who has been diagnosed with allergic asthma for 16 years. The...More
Posted by Orlandodan
I can't wake up to use the bathroom.
I am a 23 y/o female, and since I can remember I've always had difficulty with waking up in the morning....More
Posted by CallMeSunshine
Surgery proceedures for incontinence and prolapsed...
I had incontinence and a prolapsed bladder. My gynecoligist gave me a choice of 2 surgery's. One being called...More
Posted by gilmet
Surgery proceedures for incontinence and prolapsed...
I had incontinence and a prolapsed bladder. My gynecoligist gave me a choice of 2 surgery's. One being called...More
Posted by gilmet
OAB with a diueretic.
I was dianosed with oab blatter about a week ago . I am currently on Toviaz 4mg . My question is how...More
Posted by An_242102
Iam a dietbetic and i go walking or do exercises. I cannot go far in my walks because i would have to use...More
God is Good
Posted by Gatorman75
Making It.
I would like to know if i have urge inconsity because i look for the bathroom were ever i go . i use the...More
God is Good
Posted by Gatorman75
Small amount of stool in left in rectum after I us...
Whenever I go the bathroom there is still some stool left over in my rectum. (a small amount, similar...More
Posted by quicksilverseven
I use the rest room and i feel that my bladder is empty and and flush the the toilet and then walk out and i...More
God is Good
Posted by Gatorman75
Welcome Your New Moderator Olivia!
I've very much enjoyed being your moderator on the Incontinence/OAB Community, however, I'm moving...More
Men's Guide to Urinary Incontinence
What is urinary incontinence in men? While you may see ads on TV for products to deal with urinary...More
What's going on?
Okay I'm constantly going to the bathroom, sometimes as frequent as every thirty minutes. This has been going...More
Posted by An_241748
Got To go all the time
I have a double problem Is it commen to constenly to used the restroom and Have acidents because of my...More
Posted by Gatorman75

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Do i have over active bladder.
Here are my symptoms..can anyone tell me what's wr...
Entrance to urethra and bladder itself is very sensitive. I am not emptying all the way esp before bed have to...More
Posted by ceceh42
urge incontinenc/diapers
hi,i have been incontinent for over 20yrs now and in that time period i seen many urologists.they told me...More
Posted by diaperjamie
Nocturnal Enuresis and InterStim device
I have an 11 year old daughter who suffers from nocturnal enuresis. She has never had more than a few nights...More
Posted by Quizical
anyone using the male urine guards?
Hey guys, I am still recovering from prostate surgery, but my urinary incontinence has lessened quite a...More
Posted by paulbronson
frequent urination
I donot know if I have OAB or not, everytime I go to my doctor they say everything is o.k. But, I no that...More
Posted by Anon_10343

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Dealing with incontinence as an active person.
I've been dealing with incontinence due to a nerve injury for more than 20 years. I am 48 now and my incontinence began at age 25. However, ... More
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