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If it is only for a few days, it should not cause urinary problems....More
Reply: Welcome to the Incontinence and OAB Exchange
It may take 6 weeks to see changes to the vaginal atrophy from...More
Reply: Incontinence & Excessive Saliva
You mother's nighttime voiding is called nocturnal polyuria and is...More
Reply: Fishy Leakage
You need to see your doctor as you could have an anal fissure.More
Reply: Bladder stones
Stones in your urinary tract can cause some of your symptoms and...More
Reply: frequent urination with large amounts of urine
You husband needs to see a urologist as these symptoms may indicate...More
Reply: bladder infection
Some women do get more infections after mesh surgery but they should...More
Reply: My bladder just leaks...
It sounds as though you have a combination of urge and stress...More
Reply: Bad sensations only 25 years old
Please do not think that your bladder symptoms are "all in your...More
Reply: Can emontial stress aggreviate oab
Anxiety can cause symptoms of overactive bladder because the same...More

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