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Reply: Urine retention in the bladder
Any retained urine volume in the bladder that is over 75 to 100 mLs...More
Reply: urinary incontinence I guess
You need to see your surgeon as you may have a hole (called a...More
Reply: waking up to use the washroom at night?
It does sound as though your friend has either a urinary tract...More
Reply: Does incontinence cause physical changes?
Incontinence does not cause physical changes but physical changes in...More
Reply: How come i gotta pee when i run, jump or sneeze?
It sounds a though you may have stress urinary incontinence which is...More
Reply: Pain / burning sensation while urination after TUR...
I think that VCUG would be the next step if you are still having...More
Reply: bladder infection physical limitations
As long as you feel okay, you can do whatever you want.
Reply: SUI
You really have had many pelvic procedures. The research shows that...More
Reply: UTI for the third time!
If you keep having what we call "recurrent UTIs" you need a...More
Reply: Incontinence, Long Term Care Facility and Chronic ...
It is unusual to see repeated UTIs in a man. The incontinence is not...More

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