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why am I not conceiving?
My husband and I have been trying for 5 months, we are using opk and I defiantly thought this last month was...More
Posted by An_260434
Trying to conceive after Cornual ectopic pregnancy
Dear all, I was diagnosed to have cornual ectopic pregnancy on teh 10th of Feb. and rate dropped to zero in...More
Posted by ladynur
Pregnancy after cornual ectopic pregnancy
Dear all, I was daignosed to have cornual ectopic pregnancy on teh 10th of Feb. and rate dropped to zero in...More
Posted by ladynur
trying to get pregnant quicklly
Hellow, I am 25years old and my husband 34years,we r trying to conceive for the first time,I have a period 5th...More
Posted by sudbook
E Cigs while pregnant.
Hey does anyone know if e cigs are ok to use when pregnant? My wife has been a smoker for years and I just...More
Posted by dhardy83
Trying to conceive for the first time with Irregul...
Hi all I am 29 years old and hubby is 32. We just started ttc in October but my cycles have been irregular...More
Posted by kala13sara
is it too late?
I'm 39 and my sweetheart is 30. we very much want to have a child together. he's very accepting and caring...More
Posted by trying2hard
trying to get pregnant
I'm 29 hubby is 35. We've been trying to get pregnant since July it's now the end of November. My...More
Posted by sweetpea19861979
Trying to get pregnant
Hi,I am married and 25years old and I am trying to get pregnant.I have a period on 5th november 2014,and we...More
Posted by An_260249
No High Fertility Days Prior to Peak Fertility Day...
My cycle is 30 days. Last month I only tracked my basal body temperature and it rose on day 14. This month I...More
Posted by An_260124
TTC slight spotting
I am TTC and the day after my calculated ovulation date I started seeing brown/ light pink on the tissue when...More
Posted by An_260102
Trying to conceive and ovulation
The question I had is that every month I know when ovulation is occurring because I get a pain in the lower...More
Posted by An_260094
Trying to conceive after miscarriage
I miscarried in June and have been trying to conceive ever since. What can be preventing me from getting...More
Posted by motheragain24
need input on male fertility
My husband and I would like to start TTC but I'm afraid when he 'nuts' nothing comes out. Sometimes...More
Posted by tryingtobestrong89
Fed up
My husband and I been ttc for about 16 months now. I went to the Dr he has told me about natural pills to...More
Posted by An_259981
Testing before a missed period
I just took a test today and it was negative. I'm an not expected to start my period for a few more days, 4...More
Posted by justjenr
When to try to get pregnant
had miscarriage at 10weeks and did evacution on 26th Aug after which i saw my period on 16th-27th October when...More
Posted by ngbabe
I had irregular periods and i was diagonised with hyperprolactenemia. However, ever since the medication, i...More
Posted by An_259914
How well do ovulation kits work?
I recently bought a clear blue advanced ovulation kit. I got my IUD removed on October 2nd, I started my...More
Posted by vicdav913
Me and my wife have recently been to the fertility doctor. He suggests uusing IUI.Is 15% worth it?
Posted by tam2010
Question about FSH test
Hi, I'm 42 years old and my husband is 41. We just got married 5 1/2 months ago and we have been trying to...More
Posted by jhawk9272
need advice
I'm always on schedule with my cycles. I am currently 11 days late. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it...More
Posted by An_259757
Scan & test result
good day a friend of mine after a pelvic scan, there is a bulky anteverted uterus measuring 12.2cm x 8.6 cm x...More
Posted by An_259720
Trying to get pregant
Hello, need some infomation..My husband and I are trying to get pregant. I know it might be a little harder for...More
Posted by ckauz
IVF lonely mom
my daughter is an IVF patient. We've had a very close relationship and now she and her husband told us that...More
Posted by An_259566
Uterine Lining
I was wondering if anyone out there has had trouble with uterine lining. Ever since I've been off birth...More
Posted by An_259447
why do I always get positive lh test no matter the...
We have been trying to get pregnant for some time now... Right now I am on clomid but it seems no matter what...More
Posted by jaimeloo
Ladies I need your help..
So i currently have 35 day cycles. I take metformin to help with ovulation. Last cycle I povulated on cd 21...More
Posted by mommab89
Cervial mucus
Sorry for the graphic description. I have been monitoring my cervical mucus since May because I am trying to...More
Posted by mrsrao21

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TTC Basics you need to know
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