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Does postitve ovulation test mean you ovulated?
I know that question seems odd.. but I have not had a period since my little boy has been...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Is it even possible?
Some people can feel the change when they're ovulating if they are really trying to focus...More
Posted by cjl0510
4 days after period should start
So.. I took a test the day after my period was suppose to start, and got a BFN. I was so...More
Posted by cjl0510
Going crazy waiting!
My cycles have always been a little varied. Between 30-35 days usually. Today I am on day...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Possible Implantation Bleeding on CD19
Wow ! I am on your guys' cycle to!! But my periods are usually 34 days in length . My LMP...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: 8 days late..
It sounds like you are pregnant!! congrats . With both of my boys I could barely see the...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Sex prior to ovulation day
I believe on that calendar you should go by the actual fertile days. You are, though,...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: Do i have a chance at being pregnant????
It's possible you could be pregnant. I would wait until you miss your period and then test....More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: TTC...
Just hang in there. I wish there was more I could say. But we are here for ya. It helps to...More
Posted by cjl0510
Reply: implantion bleeding so late?
Well I guess it was my period starting. Kinda odd though. I was a week late too!
Posted by cjl0510

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