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Reply: How do I know if I stopped ovulating?
Have you seen a fertility specialist? We hate to admit it but there will be...More
Reply: Omifin + HCG
HCG has been useful for many women. But you'll discover this will be a very...More
Reply: my period is next week
I don't think the system accepted my last answer so forgive me if I am...More
Reply: cervical mucus and ovulation
You're absolutely right. The egg white cervical mucus generally indicates a...More
Reply: my period is next week
I would not count on a symptom like a hard tummy to predict a positive...More
Reply: How do you deal with disappointment?
One of the things we wonder about is ovulation when people skip periods. You...More
Reply: How do you deal with disappointment?
Anemia would not explain your difficulties in conceiving. If you haven't seen...More
Reply: Trying to get pregnant
Honestly, some things are just not easily controlled. Even if things are...More
Reply: blocked fallopian tubes
I would get a second opinion from another infertility physician. Generally,...More
Reply: Can i still get pregnant?
Check in with your health care provider. Most people stabilize sooner than...More

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