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Reply: Turning 38 year Of Age and Been Trying to Conceive
It's impossible to make a diagnosis over webMD forums. It would be nice if it...More
Reply: 14 Days After Last Clomid O yet - is it ...
You should get your doctor to check a progesterone around cycle day #20-22. This...More
Reply: Feeling very confused
Most recent literature suggests there is absolutely no link between MTHFR and...More
Reply: Possibility of infertility and not sure what to do
I would agree.... try for at least one year before seeking a professional...More
Reply: Should You Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins Early?
Great question. There are 100s of options. I would just pick one that goes down...More
Reply: unexplained infertility several posible factors
Since you have been trying to conceive over a year, it is time for you to ask...More
Reply: Having trouble concieving
Time to see an REI doctor (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility). They can...More
Reply: HELP! 8 days late negative test at 6 days what sho...
If you continued to get negative tests then you most likely not pregnant. The...More
Reply: Planning for Pregnancy
According to the American Congress of OBGYN, a woman should wait one month after...More
Reply: Can you get clamps removed from your tubes?
Like Dr. Walmer mentions above, there are 2 options.... getting the one...More

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