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Reply: trying to conceive
If your prolactin is high and if that is determined to be the cause of not...More
Reply: Oh where, oh where have my period gone??
Yup.... need a period that is regular to show that you are ovulating. Time to...More
Reply: Did my accident sterilize me?
If you still have normal urinary, erectile, and ejaculatory ability it probably...More
Reply: unexplained infertility several posible factors
Chlamydia infections can, in some people, cause infection and scarring in the...More
Reply: Question: 6-7 weeks and ultra sound showed no move...
It is always tough on ONE assessment to make the call if a pregnancy is viable...More
Reply: Acupuncture
It certainly won't hurt! The reason you read about it with IVF is that is where...More
Reply: WIll i have trouble conceiving?
200mg or less of caffeine is considered safe in pregnancy.... since you may not...More
Reply: Not ovulating on clomid. What's next?
Next step is injectable medications. Those are usually done with the close watch...More
Reply: Trying to get pregnant. Have a 17 day missed perio...
Schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. You are most likely not ovulating. This...More
Reply: Medications
Honestly, that is not the easiest question to answer. You should really make an...More