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Reply: mirena
Yes! You are back to your age related fertility shortly after removal.
Reply: unable to Conceive
At 38 years old, it is time to see a specialist for an infertility evaluation....More
Reply: Trying to concieve
A couple with no physical barriers to conceiving only has a 15% chance each...More
Reply: Ovulation and Body Temp
Temperature is not always reliable. If you have normal, predictable menses you...More
Reply: Fibroids and conception
Hey there. Not all fibroids are created equal. Many many many women have...More
Reply: Very Confused and No Answers
It can take a little extra time for the cycle to reboot and the uterine lining...More
Reply: Progesterone deficiency possible with regular cycl...
The "progesterone deficiency" phenomenon gets a lot more hype than is truly...More
Reply: Conceiving for Homosexuals
I am not aware of haploidization as a commonly used, scientifically perfected...More
Reply: No period after Provera
You could start clomid without having a period. Have a chat with you doc first...More
Reply: Been having Problems-NEEDING advice
Your "period" in September may not have been a true hormonally induced period....More

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