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3 Factors that Increase the Chances of Multiples
Multiple births account for 3% of all births in the general population....More
Does Diet Affect Fertility?
Eating well always has its advantages, especially when you are trying to...More
Reply: Need some help please!
Dear aarnold, It's possible that the change in your menstrual cycle...More
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Dear scared4 both, I wouldn't wait any longer to be tested. There...More
Does Sexual Position Matter?
When counseling patients, I'm sometimes asked if there are certain...More
Reply: Need advice.
Yes, you should. A lot of the symptoms that you're experiencing could be...More
Reply: TTC at 35 and having trouble.
This is a fairly common problem. You can always try a different...More
Emotional Effects of Infertility
"If they ask me one more time, when are we going to have a child I'm...More
Fertility Evaluation - What to Expect
It has been a year now and you have been trying on your own to conceive...More
Does Exercise Affect Your Ability to Conceive?
Exercise is a great way to feel good about ourselves, and it is the...More

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