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3 Factors that Increase the Chances of Multiples
Multiple births account for 3% of all births in the general population....More
Does Diet Affect Fertility?
Eating well always has its advantages, especially when you are trying to...More
Reply: Need some help please!
Dear aarnold, It's possible that the change in your menstrual cycle...More
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Dear scared4 both, I wouldn't wait any longer to be tested. There...More
Reply: Need advice.
Yes, you should. A lot of the symptoms that you're experiencing could be...More
Reply: TTC at 35 and having trouble.
This is a fairly common problem. You can always try a different...More
Does Sexual Position Matter?
When counseling patients, I'm sometimes asked if there are certain...More
Emotional Effects of Infertility
"If they ask me one more time, when are we going to have a child I'm...More
Fertility Evaluation - What to Expect
It has been a year now and you have been trying on your own to conceive...More
Does Exercise Affect Your Ability to Conceive?
Exercise is a great way to feel good about ourselves, and it is the...More

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