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Joined: 10/12/2011
My Story:
Me 29 DH 30 TTC for 3 years. HSG good, Sono good, SA good, 4 rounds on Clomid, one round hyperstimulated all = BFN. Femara, HCG trigger, estradiol, progesterone sup. 1st IUI on 10/29/11 was a BFN, 2nd IUI was BFN. Went to RE and had a Laproscopy done, cyst removed from right Fallopian tube (rare). 3rd IUI BFP beta was 26, then to 5, chemical pregnancy. 4th IUI 3/19/12 was a BFN. 5th IUI 4/16/12 BFP M/C 6weeks. 6th IUI BFN, 7th IUI BFP due August 24th,2013.

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