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Joined: 06/04/2012
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Hi my name is Katie & I'm 31. My Dh is 37 we've been together 10 yrs and we have been TTC for 9 years. We suffered a very devastating ectopic pregnancy in April 2003 in which after being misdiagnosed by 2 hospitals I ended up having my right tube completely rupture :(
Then in october 2005, we had a MC @ 4 weeks. :(
In 2006 we adopted our furbaby, Sara. Shes now a bouncing 65 lb 6 yr old German Shepherd! :)
In 2007 we started our RE journey, unfortunatley we had 9 failed IUI's (6 clomid, 3 injectible).
After a year, we decided to take much needed mental and emotional break. We bought a house, my hubby got promoted to PD Sgt, and we just spent time enjoying being together.
So here we are 4 yrs into our Mental & emotional break and we are starting our TTC journey again. IVF here we come!

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