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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I am 29 and DH is 42. We did our 1st IVF cycle in october of 2007. extremely low sperm was our ONLY issue at the time. Two Embies transfered Two stuck. Boy Girl. I delivered at 32 weeks. My girl was behind three weeks in size and many birthdefects. She survived a major heart operation but only for 18 days. My son perfectly healthy other then throat infections but i grew with that i think he needs his tonsils out.

We have attempted a FT in august 2010, out of 4 frozen only 1 survived the thaw. 1 transfer no good. In october we were invited into a study, only produced 4 eggs we transfered 2 on day 6. no go. We have come to the conclusion that my Ovaries are not what a 29 yrs olds should look or produce like. :(

So here we are again 2012 i hope is our year. this time i am taking CoQ10 and DHEA, planning Estrates for 3/6/12. fingers crossed.

I love the boards for support! I am happy to see them back to what they were!!!!!

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