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Reply: what is the situation and what precations to be ta...
It seems likely that the abdominal pain could be coming from a urinary obstruction. But the overall renal...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: 24 year old Just received diagnosis of acute renal...
If the onset was sudden, then it could be a case of acute renal failure, and this will often resolve, at...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: white stuff in urine
Not sure what the jelly fish things are, but I think it's strange that the urologist checked your bladder but...More
Posted by An_261688
Reply: cyst in upper right pole of the right kidney
In general, simple renal cysts are just monitored and are left alone. However with the presence of other...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Acute kidney failure - daughter - please help
I can't give you a direct answer regarding the pain, other than to say that renal function and pain are very...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: cholesterol kidney stone???
Welcome to my dear Sir How are you I am very large tensions please help me I am Kidney Paine from 15-03-1996...More
Posted by An_261595
Reply: Kidney patients and Raspberry Ketone
Despite being used in diet supplements since the 1960s, raspberry ketones are quickly becoming a popular...More
Posted by lisacolnett
Reply: Information please
Sorry, I just can't guess. The nephrectomy could be a partial, or a total removal. Docs often don't want to...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Where to get the right information re kidneys
The trouble with "renal diets" is that there is no single food plan that suits every patient. Some lose a...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: time for new doc?
Is her doc a board-certified nephrologist? If not, then get a referral to one. Age is always a factor in...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Kidney transplant vs dialysis
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Arteriorvenous transposition question
OK, thanks. For the last 20 years or so, there has been an almost universal push in the medical community...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Diet question
Your friend is sort of comparing aples to oranges. It is akin to changing the variables because they don't...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Cortical Irregularity of Superior Pole
The radiologist used the word "cortical" just to indicate approximate location. (i.e., in the renal cortex,...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: 4 Complex Cysts
Thank you for your reply. When I asked my doctor she told me that kidney cysts are very common as we age. Then...More
Posted by capam
Reply: Parathyroid Hormone, Intact?
The doc probably looks at the PTH levels in conjunction with the Calcium and Phosphate levels. These all...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: kidney
Sounds like there might be an obstruction somewhere down the urinary tract. What does your doc say about it?...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Can my potassium levels be controlled?
Thank you. I'm switching Drs.
Posted by edithann2
Reply: Internal Pain / discomfort on my right side...
John, Thank you for your reply and insight. I will have to go to my doctor to get it checked out to rule out...More
Posted by zolie5
Reply: New to group
An eGFR of 41 isn't a desperate condition. Call it 'middle of the road'. 60 would be incredibly good, 20...More
Posted by john-skpt
Link Between West Nile Virus and Kidney Infections
In August 2012, at the very same time, I had a horrible case of West Nile Virus and a nasty UTI infection at...More
Posted by An_260786
Reply: Raised Creatinine
TYPO: 2nd paragraph "nut" should be "But".
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: lower back and sides hurting from being kicked in ...
Get yourself a doctor's appointment or go to a walk-in clinic. Change the locks on your doors and call...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54

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was kicked in the lower back from my ex boyfriend and since then I have pain in my lower back and sides both sides really badly at times if I over do it or randomly will start hurting me so bad I can't move what possibly could be wrong is it serious
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lower back and sides hurting from being kicked in ...
was kicked in the lower back from my ex boyfriend and since then I have pain in my lower back and sides both...More
Posted by bri9011
lower back and sides hurting from being kicked in ...
was kicked in the lower back from my ex boyfriend and since then I have pain in my lower back and sides both...More
Posted by bri9011
Reply: Learning the ropes
Yeah there is a LOT to learn. But unfortunately, I've never found a single source that coveres everything. A...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Creatinine slowly creeping up.
Well, depending on the calculation method, the added data makes it more like 17-18. The BUN:Creatinine...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Protein/ creatinine urine ratio
It's considered to be quite accurate. Plus, it's fast and fairly cost-effective. (I'm frankly an old-school...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: complex cyst
These can be removed surgically, but the surgical route is only used if the cust seems to be dangerous. It's...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: How did you feel after starting dialysis
Obviously I'm not a doctor, but for personal comparison stories, my creatinine was about 12.0 before I...More
Posted by mrscora01

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My husband had an ultrasound in 2009, at the VA, that showed mulitple cysts and hydronephrosis in left kidney. Abnormal follow up was requested, but n...More

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