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Reply: Gitelman and Bartter Syndrome Support Groups
There is Bartter syndrome foundation too or Bartter syndrome foundation has...More
Posted by An_260268
Reply: Stage 4 kidney disease
Hi, who takes care of that? Is it the social workers? I wonder why they wait so long to educate us. I am going...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Re protein in diet etc
I'm sorry to say, but IMHO, eliminating animal protein will do nothing for him (at a eGFR of 17) but make him...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Skin black marks, strange legions on skin,
Ive heard of that, and looked into it also, there are some strange things happening out here. No fibers...More
Posted by robinsoncaruso1
Reply: Blood in Urine
This is unusual with chronic renal failure as a direct cause, so I think that we need to look elsewhere for a...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Antacids
They used to prescribe TUMS (calcium carbonate) for me, as a phosphate binder, not as an antacid. But it has...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Please advise re foods
my husband has to watch his sodium, protein, potassium, and phosperous. I just read labels. He has to have only...More
Posted by bgjlah
Reply: Black Specks In Urine?
bacterial infection, are there little "lines" in your urine? try a tetracycline antibody, no medical...More
Posted by robinsoncaruso1
Reply: Do you have aches and pains please advise
I often have aches and pains all over body. I got the whole body test.My result for Microalbumin is 140 mg/l...More
Posted by bmverma
Reply: Double ureter
I was born with an extra ureter that started at my left kidney, wove its way through the back of my...More
Posted by jenmcgreevy
Reply: My Experiance so far
It looks like they might be treating for nephrotic syndrome or else for one of several auto-immune conditions...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Spots on My 91-Year Old Father's Kidneys
Thanks so much. I will update once the biopsy is complete. Be well and blessed.
Posted by jferebee
Reply: Medicare, medical, etc question
I started getting Medicare A & B with the diagnosis of 'End Stage Renal Disease'. It was not...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Peridonatel vs hemodialysis
Here's what I can tell you about what I have seen of the decision making process. For myself personally, and...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: How did you feel before you started dialysis
My case wasn't quite average, since I'd just had an accident and was suffering with two broken legs and a...More
Posted by john-skpt
getilman syndrome
Hello my name is Victoria Freeman and I have been dealing with this for nine years now and I was in...More
Posted by victoriafreeman29
Please answer re post op fistula appt
Hello, I appreciate anyone who took the time to answer. I know we are all busy but it is something like this...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Women with ckd and pregnancy
I'm going through deep depression right now realizing bc of being at stage 3 I will never have another baby,...More
Posted by amanda0916
Reply: Post op fistula what should I expect now please ad...
I was told not to lift anything for the first 3 weeks while the fistula matured. After the doc cleared it, I...More
Posted by bruce2164
Post op fistula what should I expect now please ad...
Hello, I had a fistula done today. It's right below the crease in the elbow. They said to keep it elevated and...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: My sons right kidney is in the wrong place?? Is th...
Hi! Just today my son has been diagnosed with Eptopic Kidney. We haven't visited a nephrologist just yet...More
Posted by amull1066
Reply: Solid Mass found via UltraSound
john- thank you soooo kindly for your posts. we JUST got the MRI results back today. again, it showed NOTHING ...More
Posted by cbe118
Reply: Spot found on kidney on CT Scan of abdomen/pelvis ...
Tere01, I'm sorry to say that the OP only posted the once and never again and that was 4 years ago. I doubt...More
Posted by mrscora01
I agree with Cora: if it continues to bother you, then see a doctor. But kidneys are very well protected,...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Kidney Stones again Round 2
Thank you so much for all of the support, it makes it easier knowing that others have similar things...More
Posted by radiantflower
Reply: What to expect after fistula surgery please advise
If I remember correctly they told me not to lift anything heavier than 2 pounds for the first week, then...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Fistula
13% GFR is probably correct. It was 15% back in my day (1996), but Medicare changes from year to year, so 13%...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Pain in my sides and lower back?
Sorry to hear of your infection. When you have such a high fever, you have to do whatever to get it down. ...More
Posted by raeanne224
Kidney Stones again Round 2
Hi everyone Well I am 47 and have been extremely healthy until 8 weeks ago when I was really sick and...More
Posted by radiantflower
Reply: Fistula on the 30th question
I'd ask the nephrologist, AND the vascular surgeon who is going to do the work about covering/protecting the...More
Posted by john-skpt

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