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Reply: Kidney
yes, it is called hertal kidneys. its where both kidneys are connected instead of being in their...More
Posted by sarahnugent86
Reply: After visit summary listed things I wasn't aware o...
The paperwork states we 'discussed' these diagnoses but we did not. I brought up the anemia and asked...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: RE: Is it unusual for a patient to be tag-teamed b...
Glad to hear that its all over with and all is well. It is entirely possible that the first doctor...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: Heart kidney connection
I agree with John-skpt. You need to be your own advocate and ask for a referral to see a cardiologist...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: Pancreas
So what did it turn out to be? Did you go back in or go to your primary care and tell him/her the ER...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: Join kidney patient's research study on CKD suppor...
I would be happy to participate in your study, however, I'm sure you already have what you need..
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Who has a fistula
Hi, did any of you who have a fistula at your wrist have the procedure done in a surgeons office or in a...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Protein + blood in urine, now getting a CT. Help!
My husband recently went in for a routine physical exam. He's a healthy 44 year old. His blood work came back...More
Posted by An_258230
Protein + blood in urine, now getting a CT. Help!
My husband recently went in for a routine physical exam. He's a healthy 44 year old. His blood...More
Social workers/ fistula/
Hi , my question is this. How soon does a social worker get involved? What was your experience getting a...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Fatigue with kidney stones
I too had a stent inserted in June 2013 for a complete blockage of my left kidney by a 1.7 centimeter...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54
Reply: One kidney
I have 1 compacted kidney in lower left groin,i am female &have no fallopian tube or ovary on that side...More
Posted by compacted
Reply: Well it happened, now what
So sorry. We've been there. The good news is that there is life after dialysis starts. Some people do...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Fistula questions
It can take from 6 weeks to a few months for the fistula to 'mature'. The vein does tend to enlarge somewhat;...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Scared and very sad...
Thank you both for your kind replies, I really appreciate it. It is true I'm having trouble being calm....More
Posted by verysadgirl
Flank Painand Blood in urine
Hi Everyone, I have CKD for the last few months I will get BAD flank pain and blood in my urine. I can...More
Posted by laceyperry
Reply: Staghorn calculus stones
The surgery is not bad however the stents are uncomfortable. When you walk you will feel it moving up and...More
Posted by laceyperry
Reply: URGENT Creatinine 5.8!!
Indeed, Henry, there are no 'general' guidelines for renal failure: every case is different. And what works...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: dehydration
How are your blood pressures doing on the tired days versus the not-tired days? What are blood test numbers...More
Posted by john-skpt
turned kidney and blood in urine
blood in urine..had bladder scope, looks good no problems..CT scan showed good no tumors or growths..But CT...More
Posted by An_257956
Reply: How hat is the lowest gfr for fistula/safest
Thank you Cora for the insight and heads up. I think after yesterday's appt, my husband is still in denial. He...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Disability
Hi everyone who so nicely responded. I found out today that just because the dr says you have a fistula or...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Removing kidney stents
My goodness, you've had your shares of kidney stones much more than me. Thanks for the information so I know...More
Posted by An_257872
Reply: calcification outside the kidney
It's not clear what this might be. Calcifications can occur in any soft tissue of the body: muscle, arteries...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Kidney Pain during Adrenaline Rush
Regarding the BP drop: This is known as 'orthostatic hypotension' and generally reflects some overall...More
Posted by john-skpt
Paid Market Research Study - Kidney Patients
I work for an International Market Research firm, and we are currently looking for patients...More
Paid Study (online for kidney patients) through In...
I work for an International Market Research firm, and we are currently looking for patients...More
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Reply: daughter with continuous kidney infections and pai...
Has she been checked for kidney stones? I have had tons of utis ( or diagnosed as such) take antibiotics and...More
Posted by beckyrae1
Reply: whiz bang bammers kidney stones only in slo mo
Hi whiz - I wrote before but I wanted to tell you that you can also drink plenty of lemonade.! It is also...More
Posted by missysimba
I have sharp pain in lower abdomen on right side. Went to ER Wednesday night& was told I have a kidney...More
Posted by missysimba

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm 54, female. Right around 6 years ago I had a horrible time with kidney stones. I had lithotripsy 4 times within 18 months. I still have a lot...More

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