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Reply: ESRF
beenblessed_nana, this website can be confusing for first timers and new users. I would say that more than...More
Posted by mrscora01

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Reply: Stage 4 kidney disease
Hi, I was just diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome- Focal Segmental Glomerulo Sclerosis. I found out...More
Posted by lcormier42
Reply: Chronic Kidney Disease Stage III (moderate)
I am so sorry. It is all about lab tests. The eGFR is what determines if you have Chronic Kidney...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Unusual Symptoms - Renal Failure?
I had a full nephrectomy of my left kidney in 2001. It wasn't due to disease, just damage from abuse as a...More
Posted by harris592
Reply: kidney
I've never seen that before, but just from a language perspective, itmeans that the kidney is producing what...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: One kidney
I was 54yrs of age when my left kidney was removed in 2005, I had a renal mass that covered it. My right kidney...More
Posted by jfaden
fluid on kidney
my mother has fluid on her kidney and I would like to know how a remedy for this problem can be reached.
Posted by ctj2403cdog
Reply: RE: Is it unusual for a patient to be tag-teamed b...
Yes, I am much better. No more stone(s) to worry about Thanks. More
Posted by william5401
Reply: How long can my aunt survive like this?
I'm so sorry that your aunt isn't doing well. While on dialysis I did see a few elderly folks decide to stop....More
Posted by mrscora01
How long can my aunt survive like this?
My aunt is 80 years old and refuses to go for dialysis, even thought the doctor's recommended it. She only...More
Posted by An_258438
Reply to sara
No he was born with his left kidney in the correct place but his right kidney right below his pelvis...More
Posted by shawandaking
Reply: Join kidney patient's research study on CKD suppor...
I would like to partake, but I sent you an email at the first email address and it said that it isn't a...More
Posted by mcjonesy729
Reply: Kidney
yes, it is called hertal kidneys. its where both kidneys are connected instead of being in their...More
Posted by sarahnugent86
Reply: After visit summary listed things I wasn't aware o...
The paperwork states we 'discussed' these diagnoses but we did not. I brought up the anemia and asked...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: Heart kidney connection
I agree with John-skpt. You need to be your own advocate and ask for a referral to see a cardiologist...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Reply: Pancreas
So what did it turn out to be? Did you go back in or go to your primary care and tell him/her the ER...More
Posted by beenblessed_nana
Who has a fistula
Hi, did any of you who have a fistula at your wrist have the procedure done in a surgeons office or in a...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Protein + blood in urine, now getting a CT. Help!
My husband recently went in for a routine physical exam. He's a healthy 44 year old. His blood work came back...More
Posted by An_258230
Protein + blood in urine, now getting a CT. Help!
My husband recently went in for a routine physical exam. He's a healthy 44 year old. His blood...More
Social workers/ fistula/
Hi , my question is this. How soon does a social worker get involved? What was your experience getting a...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Fatigue with kidney stones
I too had a stent inserted in June 2013 for a complete blockage of my left kidney by a 1.7 centimeter...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54
Reply: One kidney
I have 1 compacted kidney in lower left groin,i am female &have no fallopian tube or ovary on that side...More
Posted by compacted
Reply: Well it happened, now what
So sorry. We've been there. The good news is that there is life after dialysis starts. Some people do...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Fistula questions
It can take from 6 weeks to a few months for the fistula to 'mature'. The vein does tend to enlarge somewhat;...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Scared and very sad...
Thank you both for your kind replies, I really appreciate it. It is true I'm having trouble being calm....More
Posted by verysadgirl
Flank Painand Blood in urine
Hi Everyone, I have CKD for the last few months I will get BAD flank pain and blood in my urine. I can...More
Posted by laceyperry
Reply: Staghorn calculus stones
The surgery is not bad however the stents are uncomfortable. When you walk you will feel it moving up and...More
Posted by laceyperry
Reply: URGENT Creatinine 5.8!!
Indeed, Henry, there are no 'general' guidelines for renal failure: every case is different. And what works...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: dehydration
How are your blood pressures doing on the tired days versus the not-tired days? What are blood test numbers...More
Posted by john-skpt
turned kidney and blood in urine
blood in urine..had bladder scope, looks good no problems..CT scan showed good no tumors or growths..But CT...More
Posted by An_257956

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I am 43 years old, have 2 beautiful children, 4 resuced kitties, and just remarried to a wonderful man. I have been very sick and unable to work since...More

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petose kidney
hi i just one to ask a qustion. can ptose kidney be care? if yes pls tell me how am going crazy More
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