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Reply: Please help!...Creatine level up and can't reach G...
First; don't panic. A shift from 1.9 to 2.0 to 2.2 is not all that unusual. (I've been getting bloodwork done...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: small kidneys
Have you checked out "Phosphorus Tracker"? Google : ...More
Posted by fit4life395
Reply: Phosphorous levels please help
You need to check out "Phosphorus Tracker" Google : ...More
Posted by fit4life395
Hypertrophied column of Bertini...Help...
Hello. I have had an ultrasound for kidneys. I am 32 years old, male. The results said: Normal position...More
Posted by kidneyprotector
Reply: Kidney Pain during Adrenaline Rush
This same exact thing happened to me yesterday when I thought I was getting pulled over on the highway. Word...More
Posted by jay_kyda
Reply: creatnine level
Even now, post transplant, if I get labs drawn during or shortly after an illness (a cold, pain, whatever) my...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Undiagnosed blood in urine
Thank you for the info and for sharing your story! The CT that they did was without contrast (my family...More
Posted by cooljul2
Reply: Hydronephrosis of left kidney
During childhood development, the kidneys change position quite a bit as the body grows. Hydronephrosis is...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Edema pitting
I'm sorry nobody got to this sooner. The problem with salt and water and dialysis is that nothing reacts as...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Atrial Fib
Just remember that every case is different; what works best for one patient doesn't always work for every...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Vet trying to get an answer.
It's possible that the crystals are causing the bleeding! Are you still making stones and crystals? If...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54
Vet trying to get an answer.
I'm a 68 yo vet 5 years with prostrate cancer, 1 year after "completing" treatment - 45 radation sessions...More
Posted by 1wildjoker9
Vet trying to get an answer.
I'm a 68 yo vet 5 years with prostrate cancer, 1 year after "completing" treatment - 45 radation sessions...More
Posted by 1wildjoker9
Vet trying to get an answer.
I'm a 68 yo vet 5 years with prostrate cancer, 1 year after "completing" treatment - 45 radation sessions...More
Posted by 1wildjoker9
Reply: nephropexy for nephroptosis
who did you find and where?
Posted by pjcombs
swollen feet and legs
my husband has been on dyalisis going on 4 years! today for the first time his ankles and legs and feet got...More
Posted by larias101
History of Hydronephrosis, Thinking of getting Pre...
Hello, When I was 14 y/o I had reparative surgery of hydronephrosis with upj obstruction. I am now 29 and...More
Posted by krisdes515
generic vs brand drugs
has anyone used generic drugs after transplant? if so, were there any side effects, what were they? were they as...More
Posted by rlkspk
Reply: Kidney Carcinoma
PS: there are hypo- and hyper-dense findings in radiology. It might be more concerning if it was hyperdense,...More
Posted by john-skpt
stringy bits in urine
Check out "urinary casts". There are some explanations for the stringy bits but not some of the other signs...More
Posted by whizfibre1
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Reply: Kidney Stone - Pain, Meds, No stone.... no pain
Ive seen the CT scan images. It is 3x4x5 and in the Ureter pretty close to the bladder. I don't see that...More
Posted by bwilliams06
Reply: Nutcracker Syndrome
hi, I just found out I may have nutcracker syndrome also, I have type 1 diabetes, I had pancreatitis in dec...More
Posted by vickiegd
Reply: Nutcracker Syndrome??
Dear AtLASTaDIAGNOSIS I have had it and have had a stent fitted. I lost a lot of blood and became...More
Posted by chinagirl54
Grade 4/5 Reflux
About 2 months ago my daughter(age 3 ) began having urinary difficulty. At first I thought it may be...More
Posted by hillfam2013
Reply: Kidneys n other organs
I'm doing whatever they tell me to.. But I've been stressed since the first urine culture. Thank you...More
Posted by justmenacrazybody
Reply: Concerned
"Lower back" doesn't really sound like the kidneys themselves; kidneys are actually higher up and more to the...More
Posted by john-skpt
For about 2-3months I have been suffering from pains at both sides of my lower back. I have had no problems...More
Posted by An_263218
Reply: allergic to ace inhibitors
Yes, there are rare side effects, but as long as you are being properly followed, things can be caught in...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Creatinine levels inching upward
Are you taking ANY medications, prescription or over the counter, or any supplements? Are there any ongoing...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: John your opinion on this-parathyroid
Hi John, as always thank you for responding. Calcium is 7.9
Posted by kirbyboy

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I am 32, soon 33 I have suffered with PKD and a cystic liver for over 10 years. I have what Doctors call a 'mutated form of PKD and Liver Disease&...More

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Nephrotic Syndrome
My daughter,13 years old, was diagnosed this May with Nephrotic Syndrome. She never had any problems then all the sudden, her ankle swelled ... More
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