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Have you had a kidney transplant or are waiting for one? Then visit the Organ Transplant Community and the Diabetes and Kidney Community to share your experiences with other community members!

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Kidney Donation
Hello, I donated a kidney back in November and I was wondering if I can take Claritin. The box states ask a...More
Posted by An_256797
Reply: Leg swelling
Kidney failure patients should pay attention to avoid infection which can easily influnce another organs,if...More
Posted by grace1901
Reply: Lab Results
A big Thank you again. You have given me a jumping off point.
Posted by margiejayne
Recurring Hydronephrosis ... Where to from here?
I had an open pyleoplasty done in February 2013 on my right ureter, due to severe hydronephrosis. Since...More
Posted by An_256704
Reply: Anyone with Gitelman's syndrome
Beth, My husband, Eddy, was recently diagnosed with this syndrome after 4 years of being misdiagnosed with...More
Posted by eddyswife
Lab Results
Can lab results be the first step in diagnosing kidney disease? Evidently my last labs showed that my...More
Posted by margiejayne
Reply: Transplant - Donor information [very urgent]
In the USA, there is a list of Organ Procurement Organizations. ...More
Posted by john-skpt
kidney stones?
I went to ER with back issues. April 7th My urine test came back normal. They did a CT scan and found 5 spots...More
Posted by tinsey99
Reply: Kidney Stones in the Kidney
When left in pain for a long time... get your medical records and copies of all radiological tests and see...More
Posted by mctripat
Reply: Repeated Kidney stones/ infection
You need to get another opinion: find another urologist. Get all your medical records and radiological tests...More
Posted by mctripat
Reply: Kidney stone? Bladder stone? Something else? No on...
I would get copies of all medical records and find another urologist. Get copies of CT scans and all...More
Posted by mctripat
Reply: protein in urine
ACE inhibitors (usually used for blood pressure control) are usually the first choice for limiting...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: 3rd stage kidney disease
As mentioned, there are different systems of classifying 'stages'. Most consider #3 to be "moderate" damage...More
Posted by john-skpt
Three ureters
Hi, I am desperately writting here to see if I find someonw who has gone through this. I have know all my...More
Posted by An_256278
Reply: GFR 19 - can I get on transplant list?
It tends to vary with the patient and the transplant center. The basic definition of ESRD, which is usually...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Kidney Cyst and Stones
I also was in the hospital for a 6mm kidney stone which blocked my urethra and was hospitalized for 4...More
Posted by theholybible
Kidney Cyst and Stones
My Micro Path Diagnosis (Stone Analysis states Calculi (gross); seperate report to follow from the...More
Posted by theholybible
Kidney Cyst and Stones
My Micro Path Diagnosis (Stone Analysis states Calculi (gross); seperate report to follow from the...More
Posted by theholybible
Kidney Reflux in Children
My daughter was diagnosed at 2 weeks old with grade 3 reflux on the right side and at 3 (six months ago) we had...More
Posted by judew1
Reply: If I only have one kidney is it a bad Idea to take...
A history tale: for almost all of human existence, protein rich foods were the hardest ones to come by....More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: High Creatin
Creatinine levels relate to kidney function, and are not directly related to the bladder. However, physical...More
Posted by john-skpt
The kidneys and the liver are big chemical factories for the whole body, so we really need to know exactly...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Stage 4 kidney disease
Please dont just wait until it gets worse you have to fight for life. I am a 56 year old with high blood...More
Posted by uniquedeb
Gitelman and Bartter Syndrome Support Groups
I just wanted to put it out there that there are some really great support Groups for Gitelman and Bartters...More
Posted by gitelman530
Reply: Sepsis following kidney transplant
I(t takes a while to get the correct levels of the immunosuppresssant drugs, and these very often have to be...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: mass on kidneys
An ER visit last May for extreme side pain and vomiting revealed a 4.5 centimeter mass on my left kidney...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54
Reply: proteinuria
It would depend on the cause. Some conditions caused, for example, by over-use of NSAIDS pain relievers, can...More
Posted by john-skpt
I need to know .Is proteinuria able to be healed or is it just part of the slppery slope to kidney...More
Posted by silverlight05
Reply: 17% kidneys
Kidneys requires a huge and constant supply of blood, so anything that reduces bloodflow, like heart attack...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: CKD help
In nearly every case, Chronic Renal Failure is not genuinely reversible. Hence the term "chronic" as opposed...More
Posted by john-skpt

Spotlight: Member Stories

I went into the hospital on 4/5/10 for the removal of a large cyst on my right kidney (18 centimeters). The doctor inserted a prob up through the blad...More

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Pain in my sides and lower back?
For about a week I have had some discomfort in my lower back, and the sides of my lower back, and it also feels internal. The past 2 days ... More
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