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Urine creatinine
I recently had blood and urine tests. My urine creatinine result was 12.7 below the range of 27. I want to find...More
Posted by ajem652
Non Functioning Kidney
A 74 year old female has a kidney that has stopped functioning with no blood flow to it. There is infection...More
Posted by kbk1207
Other kidney patients to talk to
Hello, I'm the wife of a soon to be dialysis patient. Where can I go or is there a forum of others...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Changing indurance questions
Hello, my question is, I currently have insurance through my wife's employer because I'm self employed. When I...More
Posted by kirbyboy
High Creatinine, normal diabetes, normal BP
Hi Sir/Madam, I need advice regarding my father's health. Yesterday his blood creatinine level has been...More
Posted by riya1983
New Treatment for PKD
I am 53yo Male living in QLD, Australia I now have Stage 4 PKD [Poly Cystic Kidney Disease> with...More
Posted by flash001
High Creatanine, normal albumin and normal BP
My last blood report shows serum creatanine of 7.0. Though my urine report shows normal alubmin and no blood in...More
Posted by searock
Help huge questions re where to start
Thank you in advance for answering. I posted the other day re gfr dropping from 17 to 13 now. Husband feels...More
Posted by kirbyboy
What happens if the fistula isn't ready
Hi everyone, my husbands gfr went from 17 in mid January to 13 a few days ago. He seems fine but I noticed his...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Renal Ectasia?
My doctor just told me that I have renal ectasia...I am not finding much information on this....anyone know...More
Posted by jacks24
Renal Biopsy for CKD 3
I had a renal biopsy a week ago. Drs told me I would be ok after 48 hours. However, the pain is still...More
Posted by femmeinsight
My daughter has protein in her urine
Hi , My name is Betty and my girl Heather who is 30 is pregnant.. She also has lupus and it has decided to...More
Posted by bettyfern
Isolated Proteinuria
I have a question, has anyone ever had isolated proteinuria and had long term effects from it? Meaning I have no...More
Posted by kcolly
Does anyone one know how long from the evaluation to knowing if your approved for a kidney transplant..Also is...More
Posted by kay0922
24 year old Just received diagnosis of acute renal...
My 24 year old former D1 college football playing soon just was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal failure. We have...More
Posted by kellywill
cyst in upper right pole of the right kidney
Hi. I am a 48 yr old female who recently was diagnosed with the cyst in the right upper pole of the right...More
Posted by dee5hoc16
Acute kidney failure - daughter - please help
Hello My daughter took an overdose of paracetamol 7 days ago. A few days later she began having pain in the...More
Posted by An_261563
Where to get the right information re kidneys
Hi, we went to a dietician 3 times. I discovered I knew just as much as they did through my research. I have...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Information please
I had an xray for pain in my back I was suffering from for many months and blood in sporadic blood in my urine....More
Posted by sjgro
time for new doc?
My mom is in the end stage. Her gfr is at 13. I wanted to join a community because I do not feel her...More
Posted by pattyogreen25
Kidney transplant vs dialysis
Hello, I have a question. My husband saw the nephrologist today. His gfr is 17, he just finished having his...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Diet question
Hello, Does anyone have experience with totally changing their diet and their gfr going up or down? I ask...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Arteriorvenous transposition question
Hello, Husband had fistula surgery oct 2014 below elbow. Surgeon decided last month to do the...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Cortical Irregularity of Superior Pole
A radiologist's review of a new CT scan noted this "Cortical irregularity of the superior pole of the R...More
Posted by serfgard
right side kidney measure 12.6 cm x 6.2 c.m and show moderate hydronephrosis and hydroureter same thing on...More
Posted by hemananikesh
4 Complex Cysts
I have 4 complex cysts - 2 in each kidney. All 4 are rated 2F on the Bosniak scale. Is it common to have 4? Is it...More
Posted by capam
Parathyroid Hormone, Intact?
I looked at the results from my last labs and saw that my Parathyroid Hormone was high, (148). My...More
Posted by edithann2
Internal Pain / discomfort on my right side...
Hi, I've had internal pain / discomfort on my right side, near the bottom of my rib cage towards my back, for...More
Posted by zolie5
New to group
Hi all,I am a 64 year old female and have short gut and also lung cancer survivor,still going fir cat scans...More
Posted by sleger
Link Between West Nile Virus and Kidney Infections
In August 2012, at the very same time, I had a horrible case of West Nile Virus and a nasty UTI infection at...More
Posted by An_260786

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I am 32, soon 33 I have suffered with PKD and a cystic liver for over 10 years. I have what Doctors call a 'mutated form of PKD and Liver Disease&...More

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Nephrotic Syndrome
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