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Nutrition/ detox kidneys
Has anyone heard of making tea out of cilNtro with a little lemon to remove toxins etc from the kidneys.? I...More
Posted by An_257443
daughter with continuous kidney infections and pai...
My daughter is now 19 and for the past two to three years has been to the dr and ER for kidney infections...More
Posted by ssanders44
Hi, who ever answers this thank you in advance. If you are self employed and went on my soc sec website and...More
Posted by An_257443
Hello. How is the process for a fistula? The dr says he would rather do it sooner than later. Gfr is 22....More
Posted by kirbyboy
Kidney Pain for 22 Years
Hello! I want to tell my story. In November of 1991, I was at my sister's and I ended up on the floor in...More
Posted by mcjonesy729
Can your gfr stay stable
Hello, unfortunately I am new to this website. My husbands GFR is 22. If he really watches everything he eats...More
Posted by An_257443
Medullary Sponge Kidneys
Anyone else suffering with msk I also have bilateral thinning of cortex.
Posted by grandmakellydty
Hello, I had a nephroplexy on and had severe post op pain. On the 6th day post op had a redo due to nerve...More
Posted by An_257389
discussion about membranous nephropathy
I am sorry,MN means membranous nephropathy .
Posted by gopalnepal88
Sharp kidney pain when urinating
Having occasional severe sharp kidney pain only when urinating. I CT scan showed no kidney stones, only a...More
Posted by An_257273
About MN
Hi everyone,I was diagnose with MN 1.5 months ago.i am on 3 medication-:lisinopril 20mg,cyclosporine 300mg...More
Posted by gopalnepal88
HELP they told my friend she could die
Hi everyone hopefully someone will be able to help me. I have a friend she is only 23 and has had kidney...More
Posted by lookin4answers
ADderall and Kidney and reverse osmosis bottled wa...
Hi! I have only one kidney, but have early stages of kidney disease in that kidney. i have some questions...More
Posted by ashleyjones98
transplant after colon cancer
Why does my friend have to wait two years after colon cancer to receive new kidney? I understand that giving...More
Posted by An_257068
Has anyone very heard of auto immune phenomenon re...
feet are swollen not responding to water pills. going to the kidney doc but never heard of diagnosis from my...More
Posted by An_257024
Acute Kidney Failure vs Claritin for Pollen Allerg...
I recently was diagnosed with an acute attack on my kidneys. I had had diverticulitis treated with flagyl,...More
Posted by An_257014

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Long White/Clumpy Strings in Urine - what is it?
I've been trying to explain to my doctor what I've been having a lot of in my urine but am not sure how much to...More
Posted by gfhabby
Diagnosed with Type 1 Medical Renal Disease
I am Male, aged 55, diabetic/hypensensitive since 2001 and had undergone CABG by early November 2010. My...More
Posted by kskmoorthy
Can strenuous activity create a stone?
Recently, I took part in an adventure race called Tough Mudder. Eight months prior to that, I trained for...More
Posted by armyjohn
Renal Oncocytoma
A 4.5 centimeter mass was discovered on my left kidney along with a 1.7 centimeter stone in the same...More
Posted by ccrosthwaite54
Traces of Protien and Blood in Urine
Hello, I went to the doctor recently for hypertension. Today was my followup visit. My blood work showed no...More
Posted by cliff611
Kidney Donation
Hello, I donated a kidney back in November and I was wondering if I can take Claritin. The box states ask a...More
Posted by An_256797
Recurring Hydronephrosis ... Where to from here?
I had an open pyleoplasty done in February 2013 on my right ureter, due to severe hydronephrosis. Since...More
Posted by An_256704
Lab Results
Can lab results be the first step in diagnosing kidney disease? Evidently my last labs showed that my...More
Posted by margiejayne
Lab Results
Can lab results be the first step in diagnosing kidney disease? Evidently my last labs showed that my...More
Posted by margiejayne
kidney stones?
I went to ER with back issues. April 7th My urine test came back normal. They did a CT scan and found 5 spots...More
Posted by tinsey99
Leg swelling
My mom is getting dialysis for 8 months. Is it common for legs to swell? Her left leg is swollen and doctors...More
Posted by An_256593
protein in urine
I have protein in my urine. I am diabetic does any one know what i can do to stop it or help it i don't want to...More
Posted by jazz73
Transplant - Donor information [very urgent]
Hello All A colleague of mine has just been told to go for kidney transplant in next 2 months time. He (is 52...More
Posted by adey786
Three ureters
Hi, I am desperately writting here to see if I find someonw who has gone through this. I have know all my...More
Posted by An_256278

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I am a single woman, never married with a siamese cat named tika who is 4 (he is my son!). I am a breast cancer survivor (rads ended 4/2) and currentl...More

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