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lower back and sides hurting from being kicked in ...
Posted by bri9011

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was kicked in the lower back from my ex boyfriend and since then I have pain in my lower back and sides both sides really badly at times if I over do it or randomly will start hurting me so bad I can't move what possibly could be wrong is it serious
  • disc out of place
  • kidneys messes up
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Raised Creatinine
Hello.. i need help and advise possibly from a nephrologist for my mother issue. To start from beginning.....More
Posted by An_260662
Can my potassium levels be controlled?
I've had high potassium levels on and off this year and they say my kidneys are in stage 3. I don't feel any...More
Posted by edithann2
elevated creatinine
just found out my creatinine level is 149. Should I be concerned?
Posted by bossladykat1
Son's kidney aches
My son, age 10, gets kidney aches. They come every 30 days. Enough pain to keep him out of school. We have seen...More
Posted by raknf4
end stage renal
This is a post for John-skpt. John, if you remember Sarah and Stephanie, my daughter's who's transplant...More
Posted by janieevelyns
end stage renal
This is a post for John-skpt. John, if you remember Sarah and Stephanie, my daughter's who's transplant...More
Posted by janieevelyns
Recently diagnosed with CKD
I was diagnosed with CKD in September 2014 after years of kidney infections and sepsis and high blood...More
Posted by An_260474
Pain Management
My nephrologist said that the only pain killer I can take (not kidney pain) is Tylenol, but sometimes I need...More
Posted by margot1952
Dialysis or Not
My husband has been in the hospital for over a week now and the doctors has told him that he has...More
Posted by concernedwife31803
Why a 2nd surgery for fistula
Hi, had a fistula done on Oct 6. It's not mature yet. Went to the surgeon for a check up and he says he now...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Learning the ropes
Ok this is hard. What's the best way to learn the ins and outs of how to get the best care, what kinds of...More
Posted by kirbyboy
How did you feel after starting dialysis
Hi everyone, how did most of you feel when you started dialysis? Were you able to work? the dr said heavies...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Does anyone have kaiser insurance
Hi everyone, does anyone live in ca and have kaiser for insurance? If so , do you use their facilities for...More
Posted by kirbyboy
complex cyst
Is there any treatment for complex kidney cyst?
Posted by tomjude
Protein/ creatinine urine ratio
How accurate is the Ratio of protein/Creatinine urine. Could someone please answer this. TY!
Posted by kay0922
Kidney lesions
Hi, I just recently had an ultrasound done to re-evaluate lesions found on MRI earlier. Should I be worried...More
Posted by badgerbob61
I began taking statins about 20 yrs ago and handled them very well. About a year ago I started with diarrhea...More
Posted by kay0922
Creatinine slowly creeping up.
In January my Creat was 2.81 today it was 2.89. Im wondering what my Nephroligist will do. All my other labs...More
Posted by Anon_12802
Re protein in diet etc
Hi I have researched and researched all things kidneys trying to help my husbands. The drs sure not tell you a...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Blood in Urine
History of chronic renal failure starting 4-29-11. Was in end stage several months with GFR of 18 and...More
Posted by bablsng
Skin black marks, strange legions on skin,
Small b;lack hard pieces on my skin, red small itchy spots on testicles, skin then bubbling up, only water...More
Posted by An_260055
Please advise re foods
Is anyone on a low phospherous, protein, sodium diet? If so what kind of a menu or what things do u eat? ...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Do you have aches and pains please advise
Hello everyone, My question is does anyone have aches and pains all over the body? My husbands gfr is now...More
Posted by kirbyboy
My Experiance so far
I am a 35 yr old male. I recently found out due to a pre op screening for an elective surgery that I have...More
Posted by usafammodog
Spots on My 91-Year Old Father's Kidneys
Hello, My 91-year old father has had chronic kidney disease for some time - Stage 3/stable. Last year his...More
Posted by jferebee
Peridonatel vs hemodialysis
My question is this. If I have a stomach like most men do, can I still have Peridonatel instead of...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Medicare, medical, etc question
Hello, does anyone have medical or Medicare for your kidney insurance? Do they pay for most things? I will...More
Posted by kirbyboy
How did you feel before you started dialysis
I'm hoping someone will answer this. How did you feel before dialysis started? My dr said when I get to a gfr...More
Posted by kirbyboy

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I am a Kidney Transplant recipiant two times around !! I found out at age 21,(Living related)thinking i pulled a something in my back.. that i was in ...More

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I have a uti and severe kidney pain, Is this common?
I have a uti and such bad kidney pain that I can hardly move, I cant bend down and it hurts more than I can explain. the pain comes and ... More
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