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Would be interested to hear of anyone who had this surgery. It is a very big surgery and how long was...More
Posted by helenehere
sponge kidney.
Is there anything I can do to help my sister? Dr's put a stint into both kidneys because they look like...More
Posted by johnfowler0779
sponge kidney.
Is there anything I can do to help my sister? Dr's put a stint into both kidneys because they look like...More
Posted by johnfowler0779
Doctor botched my cystoscope
I had a kidney stone at the age of 19 that was back in 1973, The old doctor looked like he should have retired...More
Posted by intruder
Post Kidney Infection
My brother was told that he had a post kidney infection called "germuroli" (may be spelled incorrectly). The...More
Posted by xnet1
Getting sick during dialysis
My dad has been on dialysis for over a year. Lately he has been getting sick and really dizzy during dialysis. He...More
Posted by suelm
Kidney Stones with SWL procedure (
Like to hear from anyone who has had a kidney stone shock waved to smash the stone?????
Posted by helenehere
Chronic kidney disease
Can Pre-digested vegan protein worsen chronic kidney disease
Posted by rlrich
Chronic kidney disease
Can Pre-digested vegan protein worsen chronic kidney disease
Posted by rlrich
SWL Shock wave Lithotripsy
Has anyone gone through this procedure and would like to know how the pain level was and sedation?
Posted by helenehere

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Kidney 17% function
My sister is 73 years old & her kidney function is only 17% combined. She had a heart attack 8 days ago...More
Posted by pat1966
Abdominal Pain following kidney removal
I recently had a kidney removed due to a benign growth, now, about 6 weeks later, I am having severe pain...More
Posted by carndts2112
Just diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure
My mom's creatinine levels for the last few years have been 1.2 - 1.5, just this month her levels went to...More
Posted by zachnate67
7% kidney left
my husband has 7% of his only kidney left. been vomiting and dizzy and has lots of pain with everything. really...More
Posted by jfoux

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kidney failing
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Can rehydration reverse kidney damage?
I have a concern about my kidney function. From what doctors have told me, my GFR is below 60, and it...More
Posted by johannesburg777
ANCA vascultis
My 50 year old son has been diagnosed with the above named kidney problem. Seems it is rare with no know...More
Posted by eagle2260
ureteropelvic junction obstruction
After an extended UTI, I had an ultrasound and then CT scan and was told I have UJO (and have had for at least...More
Posted by nsproull
Double Uterine and Kidney Abnormalities
Hello,,Our 23 y.o.daughter is autistic and also has Von Willebrand Disorder ( her blood platelets do not...More
Posted by rushfanatic
had my gall bladder removed last year. Does this ...
Last November my gal bladder was very large and full of stones. The doctor that saw me, did emergency surgery...More
Posted by mamimarya
New to this disease
I am 40 years old and male and have been diagnosed with kidney disease and I am very scared about this due to...More
Posted by jseekief
Chronic kidney stones an IC
Does anyone have white chunks of mucous in Urine? They are not small but about dime sized white Chuncks, any...More
Posted by jen2596
Serum Creatinine related to weight gain
Hi... I haven't had a blood test in quite some time for my Renal Artery Stenosis (right kidney pretty much...More
Posted by diitto
One Kidney and Kidney Stone
My mom only has one kidney, she lost the other one due to failure after chronic infections. She was just...More
Posted by averageperson
Lab Results and GFR Calculations
I have concerns about my labs. I follow them very closely and keep a spreadsheet of everything. My GFR is...More
Posted by KristieH
dying of kidney failure
I want to know how long before I die, if my GFR is 13 and will not go on dialysis?
Posted by jas4819
kidney stones inside kidney walls/nodules
I went in to have a 9mm stone removed with camera and laser, cause 5 yrs ago blasting it didn't work and it...More
Posted by jenisuec
Lupus Nephritis
My husband has lupus nephritis and was just hospitalized with kidney failure which caused fluid around the...More
Posted by mmanz27
Chronic Kidney Disease
Can anyone tell me what it means when your doctor tells your kidney function is 1/4 below normal?
Posted by medicalmind

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If so, what stage?
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Is there a safe antacid with Kidney Disease?
Posted by Anon_12802

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hello i'm a 23year old young woman from Texas. I had my last kidney transplant in June 2006 has been successful with no complications. This was my...More

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contrast dye and polycystic kidney disease
Please do not have a CT scan with contrast dye if you have polycystic kidney disease. It is harmful and you can land up in the hospital ... More
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