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I am 43 years old, have 2 beautiful children, 4 resuced kitties, and just remarried to a wonderful man. I have been very sick and unable to work since 2009. My profile picture is how I feel sometimes when I try to explain my symptoms to family, friends, doctors........

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Reply: Help me please!
Oh, I also tested High for ANtistrptolysin O AB
Posted by dselin68
Help me please!
It's been awhile since my last post about my kidney biopsey results. I have still been...More
Posted by dselin68
Reply: Just adding to my last post
Thanks John, you always seem to be able to explain things to where I can understand them....More
Posted by dselin68
Just adding to my last post
called my Kidney doctor to talk with her about my latest bloodwork. She said my low...More
Posted by dselin68
Severe kidney Pain still
it's been 4 months since my last post about my kidney biopsey. i have been in the hospital...More
Posted by dselin68
Reply: help with diagnosis of kidney biopsey
Thank you. I'm getting worse, and it seems like the latest symptoms with my kidneys are...More
Posted by dselin68
help with diagnosis of kidney biopsey
John, can you help me understand what my findings of my kidney biopsey means? Glomeruli...More
Posted by dselin68
Reply: kidney biopsey
Thank you so much for the reply. My kidney specialist said out of 14 glomeruli, i had 4...More
Posted by dselin68
kidney biopsey
have been tentively diagnosed by my pcp doc with lupus. my blood tests, however, are...More
Posted by dselin68