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I am a 38 year old male who was recently diagnosed with a mobile kidney. My right kidney is fully mobile. When I am lying down it is where it should be and when I am erect, the kidney is in the lower right area of my abdomen. This, along with the rarity of this condition, made it very hard to diagnose. In fact, I saw four different doctors, who could palpate the mass but yet dismissed it as an abdominal wall cyst, etc. When I questioned my family doctor further, he went so far as to ask me where I got my medical degree from?

Finally, after eight months of searching, I found a proctologist, who correctly identified it as a mobile kidney. He sent me for an MRI, but when that didn't show anything abnormal, he dismissed it as nothing. When I googled the signs and symptoms of a mobile kidney, I knew immediately that this is what was wrong with me.
I made an appointment with a urologist. At first he doubted me, but an ultra sound confirmed the diagnosis. The kidney could be seen moving while I transitioned from an erect to a supine position. I also was able to press on my abdomen and move the kidney while she was holding the ultrasound probe. When an ultrasound technician says, "Wow" That's creepy!" you know it's something rare.

I have had terrible GI symptoms. My GI symptoms started out as acid reflux and heartburn. It got worse over a few weeks' time and eventually I knew that there was something more wrong" so I went to see a Gastroenterologist. I was put on PPIs to reduce the stomach acid, but none of them seemed to be strong enough. I ended up taking 40mg Nexiums twice per day just to control the heartburn. He also sent me for a PH monitor and an esophagram to test the functionality of my esophagus. Both of these tests came back normal. I continued to get worse and eventually was only able to eat small plain meals like chicken and baked potatoes. Anything spicy would trigger reflux and stomach cramping that would keep me up all night. These symptoms continued to increase and began to include a bloated feeling in my stomach. I am still able to go to work, but by the end of the day, I am very uncomfortable and have a sick nauseous feeling that is only relieved by lying down. It seems like the symptoms are aggravated by sitting at a computer for extended periods of time. The more I'm up and moving around, the better I feel. Happygirl74 posted a paragraph that summed it up very well"

"My GI and Intestinal problems have been horrible. I sometimes feel like my intestines stop working when I am standing up. Then when I lay down they start working again. It is crazy. Not to mention the acid reflux, nausea, constipation, bloating, extreme gas and abdominal pressure. I have lost almost 8 pounds."

As for the kidney, I have only had mild symptoms of abdominal pain. The pain is both in front where the kidney is laying and in the back where the kidney should be. Because I am a thin build, I can easily feel the kidney in my abdomen to the right of my belly button. I can also tell that my right side feels more full than my left side.
At the time of this writing, I have finally located two doctors in the US who seem to be knowledgeable about this. It took weeks or even months of researching this online to locate these doctors. One of them advised that a renal scan needs to be done to determine if blood flow or urine flow is compromised when in the upright position. Impairment of either of these flows will warrant nephroplexy surgery. I met with the other doctor and he said that some of my symptoms are likely caused by the kidney. He has done nephroplexy surgeries in the past and has a very high success rate. He is willing to do this for me.

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