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Reply: lower back and sides hurting from being kicked in ...
I agree with Cora. The most certain way to identify kidney troule early is with basic...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Can my potassium levels be controlled?
I battled potassium for years, and it was the most difficult thing to deal with on a...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: end stage renal
I remember you and your daughters. And the case. It's very sad that after all the three...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Why a 2nd surgery for fistula
It does sound a bit unusual, not to wait for the first to mature, but they can tell more...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Dialysis or Not
It's impossible to say without more complete information. There are two basic...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Pain Management
I'd listen to your nephrologist: advil / motrin / aleve and their generic equivalents are...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Learning the ropes
Yeah there is a LOT to learn. But unfortunately, I've never found a single source that...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Creatinine slowly creeping up.
Well, depending on the calculation method, the added data makes it more like 17-18. The...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: Protein/ creatinine urine ratio
It's considered to be quite accurate. Plus, it's fast and fairly cost-effective. (I'm...More
Posted by john-skpt
Reply: complex cyst
These can be removed surgically, but the surgical route is only used if the cust seems to...More
Posted by john-skpt