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I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1966. In the 70s I was told I had protein in my urine and that I would be on dialysis soon. I eventually did end up on dialysis but not until 2001. My cousin gave me a kidney in 2002 (on her birthday!). During the year on dialysis I did both hemo and peritoneal dialysis so I have experience with both modalities. In 2008 I had a pancreas transplant and have not required insulin since April 27th, 2008. I still test but now it is for fun!

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Reply: IGA, Tylenol and respiratory infections
Tylenol is safe for kidneys. Unfortunately, to me (I'm not a doc) it sounds like you've...More
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Reply: Peritoneal Dialysis
While I was initially trained on pd, I was never able to do it (pain issues). If she is...More
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I replied to your post on the transplant exchange. Hope your center gives you both the go...More
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My cousin gave me a kidney 9 years ago and as far as I know she wasn't given any specific...More
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Reply: Kidney aftercare
I have made all friends, family, and contractors (I have a cleaning lady that helps me)...More
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HI John. Sorry to bug you but there is someone on the organ transplant board who is...More
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I don't know about high potassium causing kidney problems, but I do know that when you...More
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I haven't had a polyp, but have had blood in my urine due to a bladder hook up of a...More
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Reply: Black specks in urine
While I'm not a doc, it sounds like some sort of infection. Let us know what the doc...More
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Reply: what type of food should i eat or diet
Typically, in the early stages you are told to cut back on animal protein (because it's...More
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