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Why a 2nd surgery for fistula
Hi, had a fistula done on Oct 6. It's not mature yet. Went to the surgeon for a check up...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Learning the ropes
Ok this is hard. What's the best way to learn the ins and outs of how to get the best...More
Posted by kirbyboy
How did you feel after starting dialysis
Hi everyone, how did most of you feel when you started dialysis? Were you able to work?...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: How did you feel after starting dialysis
Hi mrs Cora His gfr is at 19. His creatine is at 3.4 the dr said that more than likely he...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Does anyone have kaiser insurance
Hi everyone, does anyone live in ca and have kaiser for insurance? If so , do you use...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Reply: Stage 4 kidney disease
Hi, who takes care of that? Is it the social workers? I wonder why they wait so long to...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Re protein in diet etc
Hi I have researched and researched all things kidneys trying to help my husbands. The drs...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Please advise re foods
Is anyone on a low phospherous, protein, sodium diet? If so what kind of a menu or what...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Do you have aches and pains please advise
Hello everyone, My question is does anyone have aches and pains all over the body? My...More
Posted by kirbyboy
Peridonatel vs hemodialysis
My question is this. If I have a stomach like most men do, can I still have Peridonatel...More
Posted by kirbyboy