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low grade fever and leg swelling
My sister had a total hip replacement five weeks ago. She has had a low grade temperature ongoing. Is this...More
Posted by janlin123
Reply: Hip Replacement complications
My surgeon has no idea what is wrong with me. He is not very helpfulI. I have talked to 3 other surgeons, one...More
Posted by judub
Reply: pain after knee replacement
My God! You just described what I went through. It was the exact same pain & symptoms at 2 1/2 mo. That...More
Posted by coolkid9
Reply: knee replacement
Has your doctor ever told you that you have IT band syndrome? That's what my doctor's explanation was for the...More
Posted by coolkid9
Reply: Encapsulated Blood Clot after Total Knee Replaceme...
She has been under the care of several doctors since her knee surgery. That's how she knows that the blood clot...More
Posted by bak56
elevated blood platelets
I have 4 abnormal labs over the past yr showing extremely high platelets (3 cbc and a lateral smear). I was...More
Posted by An_248806
Reply: My husband desperately needs a hip replacement
Hello. I think I have replied to another post of yours on this subject. I had total right hip replacement...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Women: what to wear to PT?
Hello. I am not a woman, but did have total right hip replacement of 6/15/15. I am recovering wonderfully...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: swelling after partial knee replacement
I have talked to my doctor and he just gets frustrated that I can't take anti-inflammatories. They cause a...More
Posted by pegasusblue
Reply: Time frame
Thanks for the reply Dave! My Dr happens to be on 2 week vacation so I haven't seen him since the surgery and...More
Posted by dcbauhaus
Reply: superficial cellulitis
Hello. I had right total hip replacement surgery on 6/15/15, about 6 weeks ago. My incision is still in the...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: total knee replacement after 6 months can you clim...
You will be fine. After 3 months it was up hill for me---I'm female and 59 years old and by 6 months was...More
Posted by dgarafa1
Reply: Right Anterior THA in two weeks
The surgeon had decided to leave all sutures in for another week when I saw him 2 weeks post-op. Last week...More
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Posted by davedsel2
7 weeks out from surgery
I am a 73 year old woman who had total knee replacement on May 18 of this year (7 weeks ago). I am still...More
Posted by joyfulinhim
Reply: walk in g frim walker to cane to nothing
Just to give you a little glimmer if hope...I complained earlier above. I'm seasideassylum. I'm now...More
Posted by seasideasylum125
Reply: achyness at THR site
Hello. I had ceramic hip replacements 10 years ago and I'm still going great! Best of luck! If you have...More
Posted by 1959cindy
Please contribute suggestions as I prepare for BIL...
I get concerned as I read of the post-surgery difficulties experienced by many posters. I do find reassurance...More
Posted by 1959cindy

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TKR for both knees at the same time
I am eighteen months post op after having both knees replaced a the same time. The short response to...More
Posted by An_263694
Knee Replacement with severed ACL Possible?
I've had a completely severed ACL for decades and in 1988 had had some cartliage removed. My ACL was never...More
Posted by An_263677
Reply: Should I have both knees replaced at the same time...
I think it would depend on your age and condition. I've unfortunately heard of two cases, different...More
Posted by twocapes
Reply: M.D. vs. D.O.
Of course, a D.O. can do a TKR and that's who you should go with if you are comfortable! A D.O. goes through...More
Posted by shockerfan
Left Total Knee Replacement Stiff Knee 7 Weeks Pos...
Folks, I had a left lateral meniscectomy US Army 1980. Dustoff medic removed from flight status due to safety...More
Posted by roguesam
Reply: knee replacement
is it possible to get another opinion
Posted by varietyvic58
Reply: Hip replacement with ceramic on polyethylene **INP...
Most ortho surgeons specialize in anterior or posterior. The anterior approach is a more specialized...More
Posted by mylefthip
Reply: knee pain and swelling
Hi, I am searching for answers, and I came across your post. I am wondering how well you recovered, and how...More
Posted by qtowngirl
Reply: knee
Hello. I'm sorry, but to my knowledge there is no Dr. Raj in this community. Also, it is against the rules...More
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Posted by davedsel2
6 months post TKR….bleeding in knee cap….hemoa...
I had TKR 6 months ago and recently was having a lot of swelling and pain in one of my knees….had it...More
Posted by brooke1959
outer thigh weakness ater hip resurfacing
Good afternoon, I am 7 months post-of for hip resurfacing. The joint feels fine and the muscles are getting...More
Posted by rfg5658
Reply: Anterior THR has this happened to you???
update: we are 3 months post op. going in for check up thursday. There is still swelling on...More
Reply: Numerous Total Knee Replacement / Revision Problem...
ogre942 Get tested for allergies to the bone cement before you do anything drastic. I have been...More

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Pain after Knee ReplacmentExpert
For most people a knee replacement can predictably eliminate pain and restore function. This is not to say that the operation is not ... More
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