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Reply: one year after knee replacement
I had my knee replaced over a year.I have tightness swelling and alot of pain.Don't know what else can be some
Posted by kathy1028
Severe knee pain
I recently started having severe knee pain after 4 years of a total knee replacement , also my other...More
Posted by ladyveegrannydee
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Knee Implant Rejection?
I have sever edema also, but not leaking...that's scary.
Posted by lainnyesty
Major Hip Muscle Removal Questions
Doctor, I am going to have my iliacus, rectus femoris, psoas, and my illopsoas tendon removed. My Doctor was...More
Posted by halding
fusion on big toe the mtp joint
keyscritter: You will know your toe joint replacement failed when you are in as much or more pain than you...More
Posted by mnjimmy
Reply: partial knee
My father had his patella removed as he fractured it after a knee replacement surgery. He is miserable as...More
Posted by helpingfather
Knee replacement and patella removal
My dad who is 87 years old had a knee replacement surgery. It went well but afterwards he fractured his...More
Posted by helpingfather
Pain ongoing after two knee replacements
I had a partial knee replacement in 2007. The knee still felt swollen and ached when I was up and around. ...More
Posted by pjjodan9
Reply: Maquet osteotomy
Cowgirl I am sorry I didn't see this post 5 yrs. ago. I had the Maquet Osteotomy done in 1978 and I had no...More
Posted by brooklynwise
Reply: TKR & Infection possible amputation
Go to a University hospital like John Hopkins
Posted by An_256646
Complications after tkr
I'm 63 and due to being overweight and years of attempting to lose weight sometimes with weight bearing...More
Posted by bellabubby
Reply: Nickel and Bone Cement Allergies
Munchkinz, Thank you for your input to my problem. I will follow through and look up your info. I am...More
Posted by rifle300wybmag
Reply: Nausea after knee replacement therapy
OMG i thought i was alone in this i had a TKR done on the second of this month and my acid reflux...More
Posted by retiredsoldier24
issue with THR
Had THR 1/22/13 I am still waiting to be pain free. Arthritis pain is gone but I have non stop back pain in...More
Posted by An_257738
Reply: Knee Implant Metal Allergy
I went to the Houghston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia. phone 706-324-6661. The Doctor is Carlton Savory....More
Posted by williefrank
Ankle pain
I rolled my ankle 10/31/13 I get a sharp pain when I flex my foot downward or go on the ball of my foot on...More
Posted by An_257721
I had a Feb 2013 right TKR and a June revision of the tibia because it was mis-sized. Through it...More
Worker's Comp insurance impairs my care
I need a Knee Surgeon who believes in allergies to cement or polymers After a 2008 knee injury...More
Reply: Hip Dislocation 3 Weeks Post-Surgery
I'm glad that you are feeling stronger and that you are taking it easy More
Posted by atti_editor
Multiple Sclerosis and knee replacement surgery
My husband is 83 years old, has MS and needs a knee replacement. I have not found any information about...More
Posted by ellienolan1939
Reply: Knee Replacement Surgery in MS patients
Thank you, I will try that.
Posted by ellienolan1939
Reply: Recovering from total hip replacement surgery.
Thanks for replying. Yes I can relate to what you are saying re lower back pain and OA: I have 2 'bulges' in...More
Posted by chetre_1
Reply: Crepitus caused by scar tissue after TKR
If you have a new knee parts, why all the crunches, pops, grinds...and pain. I have all those noises with...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: leg length changed post knee replacement
Hi, I was 5'4" before having both knees replaced. Post op, I am now 5'6." Thirty three years of arthritis will...More
Posted by ocknees
Reply: Problems after TKR
I can just scream at all this NEED that people hear from docs.... We ELECT these replacements and left with...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Muscle Pain in Hip after knee replacement
Good grief, those surgeons: "have the other knee replaced to even things out"......I'd run from that MD. Ask...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: treating the pain of arthrofibrosis
Ice a lot. I took Anatabloc Jan-April 2013 and it was GREAT for chronic stopped working...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Driving
It's probably NOT the best idea unless an emergency....if so, get out and walk/stretch every hour or...More
Posted by jamin2013
Replacing Collagen/Cartlidge in joints
I'm not an expert and have NOT had a knee replacement, but a mess of a hip replacement in late 2010, it's...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Pain 3 weeks after knee replacement
I haven't had a knee replacement and DOING all I know how to NOT TO DO ONE....a hip replacement almost 4 yrs...More
Posted by jamin2013

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Pain after Knee ReplacmentExpert
For most people a knee replacement can predictably eliminate pain and restore function. This is not to say that the operation is not ... More
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