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Knee op comfort
I have. 2. Tkr. And. I wade in The. Pool
Posted by kookamunga
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Knee op comfort
I have. 2. Tkr. And. I wade in The. Pool
Posted by kookamunga
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Reply: Knee replacement..Yes or No
Hello! I am 37 years old and had my total knee replacement in March of this year. It was the best thing I...More
Posted by jskuczas

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Knee replacement
I had total knee replacement 3 weeks ago. I have more swelling than expected in the knee. any ideas to reduce...More
Posted by rockman33
Reply: Small concern
It sounds like it's subluxing. A total dislocation is a pain you have never what before it's excruciating,get...More
Posted by anne1955
Labrum and hip replacement,
I always thought that after a Hip replacement, you didn't have a labrum. Is that right ?
Posted by An_259719
Reply: total knee replacement after 6 months can you clim...
Currently I'm 5 weeks after right knee replacement and I can climb a ladder. Strength is not as good as...More
Posted by jabberwocky47
Anterior hip replacement and obesity
I am scheduled for a hip replacement in late January, 2015 and my surgeon has told me that he can't do the...More
Posted by An_259661
Hip replacement - leg too long
I had total hip replacement in August, now that leg is 1 full inch too long, what could have gone wrong ? My...More
Posted by pshaperi75
Reply: Planning for hip replacement
One more followup question. After a successful hip replacement, will I be restricted in normal life from doing...More
Posted by mitchmcc
should I have surgery now or wait?
I need a total knee replacement but have to wait until Dec 1st. (My surgeon says the incidence of infection...More
Posted by indylady42
Reply: Total Knee Replacement on July 29, 2014
Thanks for your reply. I have been to the emergency room twice now with difficulty breathing and my knee...More
Posted by julestaylor
dent in hip
about a year and a half ago I had a partial hip replacement--a hemi artheroplasty on the left side, posterior....More
Posted by max9821
Reply: total hip replacement post op
I had my right hip replaced in mid June. I still use my cane some especially when I am tired. My scar is still...More
Posted by djfmed
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Reply: Knee Implant Rejection?
U don't say why to stay away from voltaren cream
Posted by susan8888
Reply: hip replacement-post op
I had a hip replacement in July 13 2013. Apparently a protrusion is placed in your leg down from the...More
Posted by grannieannie123
Bloody fluid produced after knee aspiration
Right knee replaced with stainless steel in Aug. 2013. In April 2014, that knee started swelling &...More
Posted by An_259277
new hip painfully calcified
Have a hip replacement - have had pain (one year in) so I had it x-rayed and they said it was calcification that...More
Posted by hipvic
Pain in lower shin after knee replacement
Hi I had a knee replacement 7 weeks ago and everything was well until 5 days ago when I started with real...More
Posted by nikkinoo68
hip replacement
My husband had a total hip replacement 6 years ago. Since the replacment he had occasion pain down the side...More
Posted by An_259036
I had total knee replacement and am 2 weeks post o...
I am a bipolar patient that has been on meds for over 20+ years. Most currently (last 7 years ) taking...More
Posted by An_258865
THR. 06172014
I am hoping that you can provide me some info on a couple of questions that I have..... First off I had total...More
Posted by djfmed
Includes Expert Content
Reply: one year after knee replacement
tkr 9/9/13. lots of pain for 8 months. really turned the corner then and started having rapid improvement...More
Posted by dponzar
Reply: Knee pain
It feels as though I am kneeling on a rock. Even with a pillow under my knees.
Posted by shershersher
Cementless Partial Knee
Hello, I was diagnosed to need a partial knee replacement. I am a very active 51 year old man...More
Posted by jamesdavid
Going for second revision in 2 months
I'm new here and wondering if anyone has had more than one revision on the same hip and how well it came out. My...More
Posted by johnpb
Cortizone Injection into Knee
My 80 year old Great Grandma is going to have to have a knee replacement, they gave her a Cortizone Injection...More
Posted by henklsar
Reply: Multiple knee replacements
Not sure where you live but this guy is a specialist. He did my last revision which has held since 3/12. Ryan...More
Posted by janetph
Reply: Pain 3 weeks after knee replacement
I would still SAY it's way too soon for the end results to manifest. I've been reading reviews on Yelp of...More
Posted by jamin2013
aching thigh after tkr
I had tkr 4 months ago and never had any pain after operation. I was swimming half a mile twice a week 2 weeks...More
Posted by midds

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Uploading knee brace for OA Knee
Can anybody help me by giving his experience/opinion about the utility of offloader Knee Braces for Bilateral Medial Compartment ... More
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