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Reply: Is this normal?
"What do you expect me to do about it?"...Are you serious??? Get a new damn doctor!!!!! That is totally...More
Posted by mec113
What will my recovery be like after my second knee...
I am 9 months out from my first knee replacement and getting ready to have my other one done. I guess I'm...More
Posted by mvk52
More Middle-Aged Americans Getting Hips Replaced
"More and more middle-aged Americans are replacing their hips damaged by severe arthritis -- a surgery that...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Pain in my Thigh after THR
Let us know what the dr says. Good luck to you.
Posted by sdiego313
Total hip replacement surgery
I have been told by an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee surgery that I need a total hip...More
Posted by jackoconnor1
Reply: Terrible Pain & Shorter Leg and Limp after hip rep...
I'm living a nightmare also, THR anterior in late 2010 and going on 5 yrs post op.... Femoral Nerve Damage...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: tkr asing ladders and kneeling
Hey Mark! I'm 53, & had my left tkr (with extra mcl ligament reinforcing & anchoring) 6 mo. ago...Sept...More
Posted by faron79
Reply: I have a metal allergy
I just completed the metal blood test because I am having constant pain with my knee implant. It shows known...More
Posted by lynkie
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Knee Implant Rejection?
Hello to everyone experiencing knees. I understand your "PAIN" as I am in the same shape with the...More
Posted by An_261978
Reply: TKR Monday Jan 26
YouTube has excellent videos regarding after care, physical therapy, and what to do in the days/months...More
Posted by julestaylor
Gerry, did you start doing gentle knee exercises right after your surgery? Watch the physical therapy...More
Posted by julestaylor
Reply: Knee pain with a normal xray and MRI
Go to another surgeon. Make sure you get a disc with the MRI on it and take it with you. Keep going until you...More
Posted by An_258074
Reply: hip replacement skin rashes
You should look up the legal cases over metal hips. Also look on the FDA's website for implant recalls.
Posted by julestaylor
Reply: Total knee replacement
There is a video on YouTube for a double knee replacement. I would encourage you to watch it.
Posted by julestaylor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: one year after knee replacement
What happened to your wife's knee? You posted three years ago.
Posted by julestaylor
Reply: TKR Recovery and Issues with "Wobbly" knees
I had a total knee replacement in June 2014 that failed. Since then, I have had a revision surgery in Feb...More
Posted by An_258074
I'm not Getting it
I had to have my left knee replaced 4 years ago (bone on Bone) and I wish I hadn't. Nothiing but pain and...More
Posted by grandpamccoy
2 years after knee replacement, still painful, wea...
I had a full knee replacement over 2 years ago. Recently I've seen a different Orthopedist who has told me,...More
Posted by An_261876
2 years after knee replacement, still painful, wea...
I had a full knee replacement over 2 years ago. Recently I've seen a different Orthopedist who has told me,...More
Posted by An_261876
allergic to hip implant and in pain 24/7
had left hip replacement in 2010 ---have had extreme and constant pain since the operation - been on 70mg...More
Posted by dcp2010
Reply: walk in g frim walker to cane to nothing
Yeah....everyone's so different on the "pain-med" thing! As I mentioned, for me, didn't need them by week 5....More
Posted by faron79
Reply: dent in hip
I have the same problem, my opp was two years ago, my scarring g is painful, and it is uncomfortable to sit. I...More
Posted by patter
Reply: Is this typical?
Hi Carolyn, I had an anterior replacement on the right side in January. Maybe you had it from the side or...More
Posted by lentilmania
total knee replacement 2 months ago
My name is Linda from Texas. Anyone recovering from total knee replacement ? I am2mos.out My knee is huge...More
Posted by collectableme
Reply: 7 months out TKR
OH NO!!!!!! Is there a way you can get looked-at by another Dr.? What part of the States' are you in? ...More
Posted by faron79
Help for nausea after knee replacement
Last night in desperation I took a GasX pill before going to bed. I almost slept through the night AND this...More
Posted by estre68132
Nausea after knee replacement
I've been reading the other comments and it sounds like many of us have had similar experiences with the...More
Posted by estre68132
Reply: What to Expect after Hip and Knee Replacements
I have never had a patient post-op who has experienced this. I would have him get a second opinion. Good...More
Posted by pascuccirn130
Why does my knee cake crunchy sounds
My knee makes crunchy sounds when I get up or bend it sometimes Is there anyone else who experiences this?More
Posted by sarahwoman
Reply: knee replacement
Just start from scratch. The best thing for the knee is the bike-so start with that 5 minutes-2x per...More
Posted by peggyfrancis52

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Pain after Knee ReplacmentExpert
For most people a knee replacement can predictably eliminate pain and restore function. This is not to say that the operation is not ... More
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