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16 months after knee replacement
Had knee replacement 16 month ago in the Isle of Man very stiff and swells up can't drive because to...More
Posted by 16AdamAnderson
Visionaire knee replacement problems
I had a Visionaire knee replacement in April. Things were going ok. But, several weeks ago I started having...More
Posted by An_264901
You must do the exercises when having TKR. It alleviates stiffness and that hardening feeling. Also, see if...More
Posted by An_264871
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I had my TKR done 6/30/15, and am back to work now. When I look back 3 mo. I can't believe how far I have...More
Posted by An_264871
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Reply: Smith and Nephew Visionaire System Problem
I am sorry for your pain but can not tell you that it will bet any better with time. I am 3 years since...More
Posted by barblee002
Bruises 18 months after surgery
The bruises appear to be from inside, not a hit to knee. My total knee replacement was 18 months ago....More
Posted by An_264853
Reply: TKR Smith & Nephew Legion
I am also having same problem. Dr said replacement was done well but the device by Smith & Nephew failed...More
Posted by ediejuly
blood clots
I haven't heard anyone talk about complications with blood clots, I got 2 pulmonary embolisms after my TKR...More
Posted by Anon_75688
Partial knee replacement
Hi everyone, I had a partial knee replacement in March 2015. I am experiencing severe pain at the end of my...More
Posted by mordor
I Hate Doctors
I wish I had never had this surgery. I know need arthroscopic surgery to handle adhesions and scar tissue. This...More
Posted by _gigi_
Reply: Frustrated Depressed & More :(
I found out yesterday that I have to have arthroscopic surgery to hopefully fix the adhesion and scar tissue...More
Posted by _gigi_
post 10 year knee replacement
10 year post knee replacement stiffness setting in...what's best excercise
Posted by An_264795
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I had a TKR on June 1, 2015. everything went good. 3 day hospital stay. then home health nurse and PT came....More
Posted by michelle881

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Thigh Pain 6 months after THR
Had my THR on March 3, 2015 and recovered quite well, rather fast. Was in the hospital one day, home the...More
Posted by Nance2015
Feeling discouraged....
I am 17 days post-op for TKR, doing PT twice/week, have some good ranges so far but the pain is really...More
Posted by Strongurl
Life after full hip replacement.
I had a complete hip replacement a year and a half ago. My doctor told me on my left hip saw some arthrits...More
Posted by maltbeer
Neuropathy after Hip Replacement surgery
Has anyone else experienced Neuropaty after a hip or knee replacement? My big toe and ball of my foot,...More
Posted by Oceankayak2
Reply: Hip Replacement complications
So Much goes on with these surgeries, it's amazing people have good outcomes....our bodies are so changed. My...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Please Help - s/p TKR x 1 year; Ortho Surg Don't K...
Sorry forgot to add... The swelling goes down after a few days. Then it will swell up immediately for no...More
Posted by TLCannon11
3 Months Post Partial Knee Replacement
I had a partial knee replacement the end of May. I am pretty active, I walk my dogs 30 minutes every morning...More
Posted by tcannici
4 Questions for THR Patients or Med Pros
In late August, 2015, I underwent hip refresh surgery at a major VA hospital. The lead surgeon is a senior...More
Posted by THRdude
Reply: pain after knee replacement
YES! With both of my TKR's. My PT said it was common, that after years of my knees being twisted and bent...More
Posted by lilsparrow
Reply: Has Anyone Been Sick After Their Total Knee Replac...
Have you been sick the entire tIme? Or just recently? Im wondering if you are having withdrawal from...More
Posted by lilsparrow

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Has anyone else been sick after their Total Knee Replacement?
Problems with knee revision/TKR
I had a revision Nov2014 which led to a staph epi infection. After flushing the knee, then removal the end...More
Posted by wants2ride
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Reply: Double knee replacement recovery time
thanks Doc that was good to here . I,m going to have both done as well
Posted by Mousie61
Smith & Nephew Legion Genisis TKR Revision
5/22/13 I had a TKR, from the beginning I told them something wasn't right. Dr assured me the pain was normal....More
Posted by ediejuly
hip pain
I too have groin and low back pain over the hip. Have been in physical therapy twice, no help. Going back to...More
Posted by serfgranny
Hip Pain and arthritis
I have been having hip pain for 4 months.. it comes and goes and travels from hip, to soas, quad, glute....More
Posted by An_264209
popping and crunching afterTKR
I had my TKR december 2014. 8 months now. I am better as far as the pain I used to have. I had 6 previous...More
Posted by jerseyjack
Reply: Nausea after knee replacement therapy
The cure for me was a "tincture of time." My nausea, which also baffled my docs, lasted 6 months....More
Posted by bluesalvia55

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Pain after Knee ReplacmentExpert
For most people a knee replacement can predictably eliminate pain and restore function. This is not to say that the operation is not ... More
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