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Reply: knee pain and swelling
OMG that sounds exactly like mine does and i had mine done right at 4 weeks ago. I guess i am being a little too...More
Posted by fbrid
Reply: TKR
I had my knee replaced 8 weeks ago, and my surgeon gave me two weeks to get some additional ROM or he...More
Posted by iowa_summergirl
Manipulation after total knee
I'm 38 and had my total knee done 8 weeks ago. About 4 weeks after surgery, I developed a staph...More
Posted by iowa_summergirl
Reply: Knee replacement..Yes or No
I'm not sure if you have made your decision by now, but I'm 38 and just had mine done 8 weeks ago. In...More
Posted by iowa_summergirl

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Reply: Pain after total knee replacement
When you come home from the hospital one week after knee surgery, you are on pain medication. You don't...More
Posted by julestaylor
Reply: My mother's complete experience with bilateral tot...
Parts 6-7/7 My mother's complete experience with bilateral total knee replacement - We had to review...More
Posted by remon002
pinned hip
had pin inserted after break 3 yrs. ago-now in extreme pain24/7-surgeon says I am not good candidate...More
Posted by definatecowgirl
TKR Pain
I just got discharged from the hospital yesterday from my TKR on Monday. I bleed out on Tuesday after...More
Posted by 2ndjoint_replaced
hana table hip replacement
Hello all, I had my left hip replacement over 5 years ago and now will need my right hip done. Heard there is...More
Posted by ewpw79
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Knee Implant Rejection?
Hi all, I have seen on TV about the bad knee & hip replacements & there are Law Suits that are...More
Posted by janectdoe51
Swelling and pain after knee revision
I know many people have had problems with TKA so hopefully someone can offer me some advice. I had my first TKA...More
Posted by minnkos
Hip Needing Replacement Locking Up
I am scheduled to have a THR in January 2015. My hip has occasionally hurt during workouts and after standing,...More
Posted by soupysue
Reply: bilateral knee replacement
Greater damage to your knees is unlikely. You're already bone on bone! The biggest issue is likely to be your...More
Posted by mysamba
Upcoming Bilateral Total Knee Replacements in two ...
I am 67, female, overweight (but I have lost 60 lbs) since March, 2014. I exercise regularly and swim at...More
Posted by An_260029
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Recovery from Bilateral Knee Replacement
Hi, Did you end up having the surgery? I had bi-lateral knee replacements 3.5 weeks ago. I would like to know...More
Posted by lovepit
Reply: Hip replacement
What product / materials did you finally use? Did you need to take an allergy (to metals) test before the...More
Posted by kindnessdaily
Reply: total hip replacement post op
From what I've read you will probably be 2 inches taller after your second hip replacement.. So this...More
Posted by larryjohnny
Reply: Hip replacement - leg too long
Sorry to hear about your complication. Please join our Facebook page for hip replacement and you will get...More
Posted by larryjohnny
Knee op comfort
I have. 2. Tkr. And. I wade in The. Pool
Posted by kookamunga
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Knee op comfort
I have. 2. Tkr. And. I wade in The. Pool
Posted by kookamunga
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Knee replacement
I had total knee replacement 3 weeks ago. I have more swelling than expected in the knee. any ideas to reduce...More
Posted by rockman33
Reply: Small concern
It sounds like it's subluxing. A total dislocation is a pain you have never what before it's excruciating,get...More
Posted by anne1955
Labrum and hip replacement,
I always thought that after a Hip replacement, you didn't have a labrum. Is that right ?
Posted by An_259719
Reply: total knee replacement after 6 months can you clim...
Currently I'm 5 weeks after right knee replacement and I can climb a ladder. Strength is not as good as...More
Posted by jabberwocky47
Anterior hip replacement and obesity
I am scheduled for a hip replacement in late January, 2015 and my surgeon has told me that he can't do the...More
Posted by An_259661
should I have surgery now or wait?
I need a total knee replacement but have to wait until Dec 1st. (My surgeon says the incidence of infection...More
Posted by indylady42
Reply: Total Knee Replacement on July 29, 2014
Thanks for your reply. I have been to the emergency room twice now with difficulty breathing and my knee...More
Posted by julestaylor
dent in hip
about a year and a half ago I had a partial hip replacement--a hemi artheroplasty on the left side, posterior....More
Posted by max9821
Reply: hip replacement-post op
I had a hip replacement in July 13 2013. Apparently a protrusion is placed in your leg down from the...More
Posted by grannieannie123
Bloody fluid produced after knee aspiration
Right knee replaced with stainless steel in Aug. 2013. In April 2014, that knee started swelling &...More
Posted by An_259277

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Knee op comfort
I have. 2. Tkr. And. I wade in The. Pool More
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