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Multiple Sclerosis and knee replacement surgery
My husband is 83 years old, has MS and needs a knee replacement. I have not found any information about...More
Posted by ellienolan1939
Hip Dislocation 3 Weeks Post-Surgery
Hi, I was progressing ahead of schedule almost three weeks after my hip replacement surgery. I was probably...More
Posted by philgliori
Knee Replacement Surgery in MS patients
My husband is 83 years old, has MS and needs a knee replacement. I have not found any information about...More
Posted by ellienolan1939
Crepitus caused by scar tissue after TKR
I had both knees replaced one year apart (TKR). I'm 7 months post op on my second knee. About two months ago,...More
Posted by An_250195
Replacing Collagen/Cartlidge in joints
I'm not an expert and have NOT had a knee replacement, but a mess of a hip replacement in late 2010, it's...More
Posted by jamin2013
I had total bilateral knee replacements in 2008. Did really well, was back to work in three months.. in 2012,...More
Posted by fh3031
treating the pain of arthrofibrosis
I am seeking tips on how to treat chronic pain from arthrofibrosis after a TKR and a manipulation. I presume...More
Posted by An_257465
I had my right knee replaced 12 weeks ago. I am thinking about driving 500 miles in two weeks. I am thinking...More
Posted by An_257456
Replacement Knee Rejection?
In September, 2012 I had a total knee replacement. From the beginning I experienced a lot of pain and...More
Posted by toomanyinfections
Muscle Pain in Hip after knee replacement
I had a total knee replacement two years ago and it was very successful. Pain in knee gone after 25+ years of...More
Posted by bobmok
full knee replacement
I had a full knee replacement done last May the 7th. It's been quite a journey, ups and downs, but I found...More
Posted by cubancherry
Knee Replacement over 5 years ago
My husband had tkr over five years ago. He has had pain in the same knee for the past two months. We have been...More
Posted by ecm1of4
Osteomyelitis and impending doom
Hi, I am Phil over the last year I heel is slowly decaying from Osteomyelitis, in fact i have been told that I...More
Posted by taffyboy
hi, i have unspecified arthritis and both my knees and a right hip are already replaced. i also have urine...More
Posted by mamun21
new knee replacement
I had a total knee replacement on my left knee in july of 2012. I still have numbness and stiffness in this...More
Posted by sulliba
hip replacement
Is there a weight limit for hip replacement surgery?
Posted by An_256941
Recovering from total hip replacement surgery.
Hello, I am a 50 year-old male who is about to undergo a total hip replacement on May 8th. I would very much...More
Posted by chetre_1
problem with 14 year old TKR
Is it possible after 14 years that you could start rejecting plastic or TKR? also I have a knocking or feel...More
Posted by splashwife
Total Knee Replacement Failure
I am 63 years old and had a TNR 10 months ago. My pain is greater now than before the surgery. The following...More
Posted by An_256522
Knee pain in my 40's
I have had knee pain since I was a teenager. It started in my right knee and by the time I was in my 20's...More
Posted by persistent99
My Experience
Knee Replacement in '09 followed with unsucessful Rehab, nerve damage knee area and down shin to ankle, nerve...More
Posted by An_256646
Kayaker seeking boat suggestions with new hip
I had hip replacement surgery late Jan. and recently returned from from inpatient rehab- longer than ...More
Posted by happypaddler

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Weather related knee pain after replacement
I had a total knee replacement 7 weeks ago today. I am doing pretty well, doing my exercises and going to...More
Posted by cindik
Walking after knee effusion (rehabilitation too so...
Had Knee effusion from softball practice. I stepped in mud wrong and felt knee twist, it got swollen that...More
Posted by An_256452
6 months out
hi I had tkr back in october that would be 6 months now. I can and have climbed ladders, (with great care),...More
Posted by kathyariki
Had patellar surgery on Monday came home Thursday. Dr said absolutely no bending knee for 4!weeks. Have to...More
Posted by peadnut2u
Recurriing Bakers Cyst after TKR
I had TKR four years ago and for the second time in three weeks I have developed a very large bakers cyst. I...More
Posted by An_256265
Snapped patella Well, I was doing GREAT until last Thursday....My bilateral TKR was 2/17/14 and it went...More
Posted by peadnut2u
Snapped patella
Well, I was doing GREAT until last Thursday....My bilateral TKR was 2/17/14 and it went great!! No walker, no...More
Posted by peadnut2u

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dressing tips after reverse shoulder
Can anyone give me tips on dressing, bathing, and eating after a reverse shoulder replacement ?? My surgery is set for January and I'm ... More
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