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Reply: How to find anterior approach surgeon
Where exactly in MI are you moving to?
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Total replacement after partial replacement?
I ask your doctor to make sure you don't have an underlying infection in your knee. I'd...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Loose artificial hip joint
I feel very bad about the situation you are in. I'm fairly certain you live with...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Meniscus tear
Complex tears are in a way a fancy term implying "shredding" or fraying of the...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Partial knee replacement - post surgery pain (18 m...
You do a great job of describing your symptoms, however there could be plenty of things...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Is intense activity possible after TKR?
After knee replacement, the activities you describe are certainly possible, however...More
Posted by KevinHilton
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Reply: what is a revision of hip replacement?
From your description, its really hard to tell whats wrong, although I suspect its...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: New Hip Coming
Just a word of advice -- the best method for you is one where the surgeon is very...More
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Hip Replacement AGAIN...same hip
Make sure there isn't an occult infection present.
Posted by KevinHilton
Reply: Anyone with this Hip Experience
Arthritis in the hip joint can manifest in some cases as pain in the groin (around the...More
Posted by KevinHilton