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Reply: Crepitus caused by scar tissue after TKR
Good Grief, all they want to do is keep doing surgeries....I would SEE someone else PT or...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: leg length changed post knee replacement
I just added 1/2" to my lift so now I use a 3/4" lift.....may get the shoemaker to make...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Problems after TKR
I can just scream at all this NEED that people hear from docs.... We ELECT these...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Muscle Pain in Hip after knee replacement
Good grief, those surgeons: "have the other knee replaced to even things out"......I'd...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: treating the pain of arthrofibrosis
Ice a lot. I took Anatabloc Jan-April 2013 and it was GREAT for chronic...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Driving
It's probably NOT the best idea unless an emergency....if so, get out and walk/stretch...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Nausea after knee replacement therapy
My friend is 88 and went thru hip replacement about the time I did, but anyway she is...More
Posted by jamin2013
Replacing Collagen/Cartlidge in joints
I'm not an expert and have NOT had a knee replacement, but a mess of a hip replacement in...More
Posted by jamin2013
Reply: Pain 3 weeks after knee replacement
I haven't had a knee replacement and DOING all I know how to NOT TO DO ONE....a hip...More
Posted by jamin2013
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Reply: one year after knee replacement
Boy oh boy, everytime I hear the Prolotherapy MD talk about the knees and says IF one can...More
Posted by jamin2013

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