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I had TKR on left knee in January 2012 and have always had pain and severely reduced activity - I am a healthy active 66 years old. Still on heavy pain meds. Saw the surgeon in March, November and February. Each time, he gets an Xray and then says he doesn't see a problem. Two weeks ago I went in with new Xray and results of a bone scan (heavy inflammation around that knee, no fractures seen but suggest possible loosening). Also have had fluid around the knee the last 3 months. This time same thing, he sees nothing on Xray, has no comment on the bone scan, so he says he can't help me.
BUT he pulled off some fluid to see what it looked like - it was blood, 10-20 mls at least. He says "You should feel better now, goodbye" NO interest in finding the cause, NO suggestions for what it could be, NO questions about meds or diet or activity that could be the cause of bleeding in the area.
I asked, can we do other imaging for diagnostics? No.
I ask, why is it bleeding? He says, oh sometimes you get hemarthrosis (bleeding into the joint). Well duh.
I ask, what do you do about it? He says, oh it usually only happens once. He shoots in some marcaine, a local anesthetic. Says it will last 12 hours. It lasted one hour.
3 days later the fluid is back.
So this guy has ZERO interest in fixing my problem. Is this normal for these guys? He didn't even suggest I go to an immunologist.
My GP is helping me get on a waiting list for a second opinion. This is Canada, don't get me started on the waiting lists.
Now I meet another woman who had the same surgeon do her TKR. Two years it takes her to find another surgeon who diagnoses the problem - the first surgeon had put a right knee implant into her left knee.Same guy I had!
So it seems there are lots of ways to get a bad fit. That is what I am thinking for now, not even beginning to think about allergic reaction - sure hope it isn't that!

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