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Reply: Which is Worse?
I find the fatigue has more impact on my life. If I have pain, I'm better off if I get moving and I seem to...More
Posted by deej897
Reply: red raised rash on upper chest...
Hello, This article explains some of the possible symptoms of lupus-- they include skin rash on the...More
Posted by atti_editor
Lupus Quinicrine Plaquenil
Question for anyone who takes Plaquenil AND Quinicrine: 1. Any problems with lifeless hair? 2. Any hair...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: No "New Normal"
Hi warrior What tests did they run to tell you your liver and heart were inflamed?More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Organ involvement
I have autoimmune hepatitis and see a liver specialist regularly to keep it under control. I had many years of...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Help
Thank u for the advce pennbird.....a physician that thinks outside the box is what I need. Many...More
Posted by warriorstrong67
Reply: seeking local support group in Southern California
Hi am Cheri and I have also had a life long history with lupus and I am now 59 and I have also had major...More
Posted by An_260691
Reply: Adderall anyone?
I have lupus and ADD and have taken Adderall for a long time, it helps me concentrate and get going in the...More
Posted by rann1227
My latest blood tests show among other things:hyperlipidemia.What does it really menas,and what impact has it...More
Posted by terezin
My body gets so cold that I can run other family out of the house but when they take my temp it is normal, it...More
Posted by An_260691
Panful Day
The last two days have been so painful and I have learned that even with so meds some day you just have to...More
Posted by An_260691
Reply: plaquenil
I have been on a 400 mg dose (200 BID) of Plaquenil for over 2 years. I get regular eye exams, but no...More
Posted by mctdsle
Rash after Rituxan
I have had Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) for two years, with primary features of SLE and Polymyositis....More
Posted by mctdsle
Today I wake up with great upper abs pain so bad that I felt like I was going to pass out, it's a felling...More
Posted by An_260691
I wake up took my shower and my skin got the itching like crazy and I use the best of skin care soap thank...More
Posted by An_260691
My Story Shot Out
I'm Cheri and I am ex-military (Army) they retired me, my family often day it was because they could find...More
Posted by An_260691
Hello World
Hi everyone, well I wake up this morning feeling joyful and good but after a few mins of just messing around...More
Posted by An_260691
Reply: Hoping for a diagnosis
I have found during my 30 years dealing with lupus that natural supplements can help ease or even help control...More
Posted by tcheri
Reply: 2012 Lupus Roll Call - Please introduce yoursel...
Hi Donna My name is Cheri I do pray that your are having a Joyful Day. I have been living with lupus for...More
Posted by tcheri
Newbie to this community
Hey guys. My name is Donna and I live in Broward County in FL. I am 334 living with Lupus. Diagnosed when I was...More
Posted by dlf1414
Reply: Newly infected with Lupus
thank you all for your support; I am on plaquenil-but haven't been on it long enough to see if it works.. I...More
Posted by mizzzcat
Includes Expert Content
Reply: lupus and hysterectomy
Hi, Thank you very much for the posting. I am at the point to do Hysterectomy, I am take 5 mg prednisone now....More
Posted by hlu2014
This is my first time having a real Scalp.Attack it fells like you know when you were a kid and you got chicken...More
Posted by tcheri
Reply: Dazed and confused....
After I read the book by Henry Scammell called the New Arthritis Breakthrough I had hope. I found a doctor to...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Hemmoroids
Ok, this may be gross, but I too have had hemorrhoids that throb and bleed. I believe the physicians call it...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: feel like I'm going crazy
I've had to take prednisone on three occasions. I itched like a maniac, was hyper, couldn't sleep, and felt...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: Hello, New here and have questions about lupus?
Blood work shouldn't take more than two weeks IF you are ANA (anti-neuclear antibodies) positive, that is an...More
Posted by mopsie48
It Works
Has anyone tried any of the It Works products? I have been searching for information online and have found...More
Posted by tambrain
Reply: I'm just confused
This will happen. Almost all of us have unexpected flares. Just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: My lupus story
What do you mean by the 'fog'?
Posted by julie1221

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