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Reply: lupus and hysterectomy
Hi, Thank you very much for the posting. I am at the point to do Hysterectomy, I am take 5 mg prednisone now....More
Posted by hlu2014
This is my first time having a real Scalp.Attack it fells like you know when you were a kid and you got chicken...More
Posted by tcheri
Reply: Dazed and confused....
After I read the book by Henry Scammell called the New Arthritis Breakthrough I had hope. I found a doctor to...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Newly infected with Lupus
You need your doctor's help now to get out of this flare. In the meantime, go to rheumatic dot org or the...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: plaquenil
Before you do anything, read "The New Arthritis Breakthrough" by Henry Scammell. It also talks about lupus and...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Hemmoroids
Ok, this may be gross, but I too have had hemorrhoids that throb and bleed. I believe the physicians call it...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: feel like I'm going crazy
I've had to take prednisone on three occasions. I itched like a maniac, was hyper, couldn't sleep, and felt...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: Hello, New here and have questions about lupus?
Blood work shouldn't take more than two weeks IF you are ANA (anti-neuclear antibodies) positive, that is an...More
Posted by mopsie48
It Works
Has anyone tried any of the It Works products? I have been searching for information online and have found...More
Posted by tambrain
Reply: I'm just confused
This will happen. Almost all of us have unexpected flares. Just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: My lupus story
What do you mean by the 'fog'?
Posted by julie1221
Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Lupus
A presentation by Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli, MD, FACR from Lupus LA's annual patient...More
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Reply: Temperature of home for Lupus
People at work used to think I was crazy or had high bld pressure because I would get bright red cheeks and a red...More
Posted by geo07
Lupus and pyschosis
If you or a family member has Lupus and is suffering from psychosis of any form, it is imperative that you...More
Posted by dano330pilot
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Reply: Lupus Kidney Disease Skin Problem
Does a Lupus patient, who needs a kidney, have equal opportunity on the donation list or are they in a...More
Posted by dano330pilot
Reply: Low-Cost or Free Lupus Screening
Forgot to mention I am in the Chicago area! Thanks!
Posted by sierrarho
Reply: chronic headaches
I get clusters too... knock on wood have had zero attacks in 2years since starting topamax...
Posted by shotbyboo
Reply: Lupus or something else???
I was just tested again and my sed rate and crp are normal too. But I have markers for MCTD. My rheumy says i...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Newly Diagnosed
God Bless you. I pray you will get the help and support you need.
Posted by pennbird
Reply: doctor appt a year away
Thank you so much! That makes me feel so much better. Now I have to find another specialist.
Posted by melissa_513
Reply: my life with Lupus
You have expressed so many of my thoughts. I think it is normal now to feel like this since I have had lupus...More
Posted by dixie2020
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Stress
Has there been any studies done about stressful Childhoods and how it may be related to lupus? I have heard...More
Posted by dixie2020
Can't get this smell out of my system. Please hel...
Hi, I have had Lupus for the last 18 years. I'm 51 years old and have everything imaginable that comes with...More
Posted by dixie2020
Reply: Diet for Lupus Nephritis ?
Hi Elene, As this article says, "There are no foods that cause lupus or that can cure it. Still, good...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Lupus and Hearing Loss
I know this is an old post, but for what its worth... Before they diagnosed me with mild lupus, I also had a...More
Posted by dianalp
Reply: 2012 Lupus Roll Call - Please introduce yoursel...
Hi Sandy my name is Gina I have 6 children also I adopted 4 my fiance has 1 and adopted 2 I live with the...More
Posted by ladylupus2
Reply: How does everyone manage pain ?
Hi lainemarieee, While you wait for others in the community to share their personal experiences and...More
Posted by atti_editor
mouth/nose soars
I get soars in my nose a couple times a month and never really knew this was the reason. I also get really...More
Posted by An_259530
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Reply: immunosuppressive medication such as cytoxan
This might be a better link More
Posted by pennbird

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Reply: Lupus-itchy skin-pls help
OH YES! Same terrible, maddening thing here. My precious 1020-count sheets were bloody from clawing my skin...More
Posted by birdiejane

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Dr. R. Swamy Venuturupalli is a board-certified rheumatologist practicing in Los Angeles. He is Clinical Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at Ce...More

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