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low sodium
My sodium level was 119 today. Last time it was 128. He told me to drink diluted gatorade. I am not confused...More
Posted by An_263026
Rib pain
I was dx with Lupus in 2010. Recently I have been having left side rib pain that at times is sharp. My xrays...More
Posted by cmnewport
Reply: My mother has been diagnosed with Lupus
I think that this article overview on lupus will help answer a lot of questions that you might have. As...More
Posted by atti_editor
Where Do I Start??
27 year old female with a recent preliminary dx by PCP in December due to family history and multiple symptoms,...More
Posted by kymxann
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Hope for Remission
I, too search for remission, having been diagnosed 17 years ago and never been off many medications to keep me...More
Posted by nancyj95
Reply: Lupus and Hearing Loss
hi it just recently happened to me...I'm acutely deaf in my right ear and yes I have Lupus. my Dr. put me on...More
Posted by ziggygal
Lupus blood work
Hello, I am 52 yes old and I am waiting to see the Rheumatologist in June. I have been suffering from extreme...More
Posted by lori1722
Working with lupus?
My PCP diagnosed me with Lupus back in December, but I still have a 3 month wait until I can get in to see a...More
Posted by An_262721
Does taking a protein drink after you workout have any neg effects?
Posted by spoilednana1
Reply: diagnosis
Of course blood work came back "inconclusive" again,this though she spoke to a rhumotologist and he...More
Posted by jenniferapril
Reply: Lupus swelling
Thank you for the reply. Yes it's a lot more then usual my ankles are very swollen. I think I will contact...More
Posted by jamiewilson1
Reply: Hospital
Is there specific information related to fibro or RA that you are looking for? We are here to offer support...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Lupus
I have had Lupus for 13 years, my face turns red and get swollen as does my hands and feet. It is common to...More
Posted by glmsgt49
AVAR cleanser and cream
I have the skin Lupus sores look like acne spots, biopsiy show Lupus last 13 years as does blood tests. I...More
Posted by glmsgt49
Reply: What is it?
It damages the liver
Posted by kinseljudy
Reply: what to expect when starting Methotrexate
Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. Methotrexate does not cause a fever and lupus usually doesn't cause...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: 2012 Lupus Roll Call - Please introduce yoursel...
Hi, My name is long tall Sally and I have been living with lupus for over 20 yes now. Many many life...More
Posted by longtallsally6453
Reply: Benlysta and Leflunomide
Sorry about the delay in answering- my husband was in a car accident this past weekend and I've been busy...More
Posted by lupycakes
Reply: Lupus & Fatty Liver
Thanks for the reply. I would say it's my meds but I'm only on some blood pressure medication and plaquanil....More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Lupus and/or RA had severe muscle weakness
I was dx in December of last year. For more than a year now I have noticed the muscles in my arms become...More
Posted by clhutch
Reply: Lupus and my husband
One more thought. Your husband's attitude is not necessarily of his doing. He is from Mars and you are...More
Posted by dano330pilot
Reply: pain/lupus/RA
I have had RA for 3 yrs and now Dr thinking there's Zlupus too. I take 800mg IBprophen 2x day and it helps a...More
Posted by vlmitch
Reply: Lupus Kidney Disease Skin Problem
I think can answer this one since I'm looking at dialysis. I believe you would be place on the waiting list...More
Posted by peon321
Reply: Tumid Lupus Erythematosus
Thanks. My blood report tested negative. From the net, it seems, that ANA blood tests, do not show up...More
Posted by virajchopra
Reply: Cold
I have numerous flareups involving the butterfly malar facial rash. I've never had chills with any of my...More
Posted by mopsie48
Is it lupus
For about 2 years now I have symptoms that every time I look them up it leads me to lupus. I have had labs...More
Posted by crzymommi
Reply: Is it Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis or both?
One can have multiple autoimmune issues. Rynauds is common with Lupus. Lupus is episodic, so hang in there. I...More
Posted by mopsie48
Reply: finally a diagnosis and treatment started this pas...
I understand wanting to chat with others. I feel alone in all this.
Posted by torilane2
Reply: Onset symptoms 65 yr female first Dx of RA now Lup...
I am 67 and was diagnosed ten years ago. I have tested positive for ANA and for the RA factor. I have never...More
Posted by mopsie48

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Vitamin DExpert
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