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Reply: Lupus and Hearing Loss
I know this is an old post, but for what its worth... Before they diagnosed me with mild lupus, I also had a...More
Posted by dianalp
Temperature of home for Lupus
A person (female) tells me their Lupus will flare up if the temperature in the house is 72-74 degrees. She...More
Posted by lewist2014
Diet for Lupus Nephritis ?
Hello Everyone, I have a question and your help will be appreciated. Last year my friend was diagnosed...More
Posted by muttdog77
Reply: Newly Diagnosed
Hi Lauren. Im so very sorry to hear you have Lupus and other medical ailments. I do not have any medical...More
Posted by rosie1003
Reply: 2012 Lupus Roll Call - Please introduce yoursel...
Hi Sandy my name is Gina I have 6 children also I adopted 4 my fiance has 1 and adopted 2 I live with the...More
Posted by ladylupus2
my life with Lupus
I was diagnosed approximatly two years ago.I didn't date anyone until July of this year.I got back together...More
Posted by ladylupus2
Reply: plaquenil
I was just told that I have 2 positive lupus factors, however still borderline... muscle and joint pain is...More
Posted by theschmeg11
Reply: How does everyone manage pain ?
Hi lainemarieee, While you wait for others in the community to share their personal experiences and...More
Posted by atti_editor
mouth/nose soars
I get soars in my nose a couple times a month and never really knew this was the reason. I also get really...More
Posted by An_259530
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Reply: immunosuppressive medication such as cytoxan
This might be a better link More
Posted by pennbird

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Reply: Lupus-itchy skin-pls help
OH YES! Same terrible, maddening thing here. My precious 1020-count sheets were bloody from clawing my skin...More
Posted by birdiejane
Reply: Fibromyalgia and Lupus- Which Symptoms are Which?
I have not been able to tell the difference between FM/lupus symptoms. Sometimes it is neither it's arthritis or...More
Posted by klacp

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Reply: Hopelessly Waiting
I'm in Oklahoma. I know what you mean about feeling 90. I feel soooo much older than I am. When I hear someone...More
Posted by amy8613
Lupus Kidney Disease Skin Problem
Hello, I have lupus kidney disease and it is currently at a very severe stats. I urinate very often and...More
Posted by peon321
Reply: Can anyone advice me whether these symptoms are th...
Read the book The New Arthritis Breakthrough by Henry Scammell. It has testimonials of regular people and how...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: ANA Negative lupus
You could always get a second opinion. I don't know what the standard for diagnosis is, but from what I've read...More
Posted by annajoe
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Reply: help, vertigo won't go away :(
I am feeling exactly the same as what you have experienced. I was diagnosed to have vertigo a month ago and...More
Posted by gfbberino
Reply: Scared
You need to make an appointment with a rheumatologist who specializes in Lupus. That is the only way to know....More
Posted by sobrearte
Reply: Sexual Intercourse and Lupus
I understand how you feel put into an awkward position. Your best bet is to say "Hey, let's get tested for...More
Posted by An_259276
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Reply: Benlysta anyone tried it?
Dear Colby, is it possible to know the center you are having your treatment for Lupus?
Posted by An_259269
Reply: Hair loss
Is it possible that this is the natural wave of your hair? When posting, you can click on the camera icon...More
Posted by atti_editor
What is cryoglobulinemic vasculitis
Is anyone familiar with cryoglobulinemic vasculitis? I was diagnosed with Lupus several years ago and have...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Disability
If you have a diagnosis of SLE you might be eligible for disability. Unfortunately, disability is a numbers...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Could I have Shingles or Lupus???
If the bumps are on only one side of your body, almost like you are split in half, then it might be shingles....More
Posted by lisatru62
Ana tests - confusing
My Ana tests are as follows: Ana cascade - negative Ana titer Ifa -1:80 Ana screen Ifa - positive...More
Posted by emmittearl
I was getting them back to back especially when under 20mg of prednisone. Get a Valtrex prescription, it was...More
Posted by lupusfree
Reply: Is there meds for SLE/Lupus that actually makes yo...
I was diagnosed in the 1990's with lupus and other AI markers. I have been on low dose antibiotics since then...More
Posted by pennbird
Reply: Searching for a diagnosis
As you are finding out, getting a formal diagnosis can take a while when it comes to autoimmune diseases....More
Posted by Anon_2712
Just diagnosed with Anti-cardiolipin
I was just diagnosed with Anti-Cardiolipin and feeling scared. The doctors said my levels were really high does...More
Posted by jung007
My lupus story
I was diagnosed with SLE and fibromyalgia about 2 1/2 years ago although I had symptoms for several years...More
Posted by pooser25962
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Hives & Rashes
I was just reading your post about hives. Egyptian Magic is amazing! It will almost always take them. It also helps with the pain itching ... More
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