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Question for Dr. V
Hi Dr. V, I have a question concerning the use of plaquenil. I have always been on 400mg a day without any...More
Posted by lupycakes

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Living with CNS Vasculitis / Lupus
I have been diagnosed with cns vasculitis, and the doctor does not know if it is related to lupus, for which I...More
Posted by s_teward
Benlysta and Lupus
Hey there I have been diagnosed with lupus a year ago. Im 17 now by the way, and My Rheumatologist suggested I...More
Posted by 112213fm
so many symptoms
I will try and list some of the symptoms and some of the treatment my dear 65 year old sister has and is...More
Posted by charl1942
Concerns with Lupus and Pellet stoves?
I live with my parents in a duplex farm house. They have one end and I have the other end. My parents are...More
Posted by lacella
Some help and insight please
Hello, my grandmother was diagnosed with Lupus at least 10 years ago. She's gotten worse throughout the years....More
Posted by ashday28
Brain freeze
A few weeks ago I had an episode where at first I was speaking but didn't know the words that were coming out,...More
Posted by clhutch
endo and Lupus/fibromyalgia
at age 25 I had a total hysterectomy for endometriois, then I got hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia, then I got...More
Posted by bjjazzy
Strange happening.
A week ago tomorrow, I had gone to church, & about half way through the service started getting very dizzy,...More
Posted by ssh49tn
I was diagnosed with Lupus two years ago, and while I have stabilized, I still have chronic pain,...More
Posted by morecoffee
Includes Expert Content
Lupus blood panel Elisa ANA/9 C Elisa Method IgG ...
Please help, I just received my blood panel and my SM was 103.0mL and the reference range is 0-89. I know this...More
Posted by rich1971
Just discovered that I now have kidney failure due...
Hi everyone, I posted a discussion a couple of months ago, about my having had SLE Lupus for over 13...More
Posted by moniquecraig1
Research project :)
Hello all My name is Taylin and I am currently a year 11 student. I am studying lupus as my research project...More
Live everyday like its your last, love Tay xx
Posted by tay1998
Mental illness and lupus
My wife has been diagnosed for about 20 years. Her Rheumi is an excellent doctor but takes a minimalist...More
Posted by dano330pilot
Looking for a little help
Hello everyone! I'm looking for a little input before I go to my doctor. I have an appointment in a few...More
Posted by mrsthurber
I hate "the lup"
So just when i feel like i am getting a handle on my lupus, my BP starts to go all crazy again.... I have Lupus...More
Posted by duncanv
I hate "the lup"
So just when i feel like i am getting a handle on my lupus, my BP starts to go all crazy again.... I have Lupus...More
Posted by duncanv
Lupus diagnoses
I was just diagnoses with lupus, & other autoimmune diseases. I am not sure about the diagnoses. My...More
Posted by janeybird1228

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Vitamin DExpert
Lupus patients are rightfully told to avoid the sun since it can flare the disease. But guess what... by doing so you are setting yourself ... More
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