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10 Daily Habits to Reduce Chronic Pain
It's a Catch-22: You're hurting, so you don't exercise; but without exercise, you...More
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Goodbye & Welcome To Your New Mod!
As of Monday, you will have a new moderator on this exchange. I know you will...More
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Reply: Goodbye & Welcome To Your New Mod!
Thanks so much, Lisa. It really has been a pleasure working with the Lupus...More
Reply: update
Good luck, Lisa! Hope you don't get too much more of the runaround and find some...More
Reply: GRRR.....this site.....grr.....
Hi Lisa, Lupylisa has a good point I hadn't thought about lately. I know that...More
Reply: the website is doing it again...grr!!!
Hi Lisa, Ugh...I know tech issues are a pain to deal with. I'm so sorry that...More
Reply: Monday Check-in 4/4/11
My goodness....good luck to both of you! Vomiting blood in the ER does not...More
Reply: the website is doing it again...grr!!!
Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear your post was experiencing some lag yesterday. I do get...More
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April Poll: What Do You Wish They'd Invent?
What discovery for treating or diagnosing lupus do you wish they would come out...More

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What discovery for treating lupus do you wish they would come out with in 2011?
  • Anything to relieve this constant pain!
  • Something to clear my Lupie fog so I can think again!
  • One test to quickly & accurately diagnose without runaround.
  • Other...Share your biggest Lupus invention wish!
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When I Found Out I Had Lupus, I...
How would you finish this sentence? "When I found out I had Lupus, I..." ...More

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