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Reply: Shingles
Dear Friends; For anyone suffering from shingles, cutaneous lupus outbreaks or...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
"Normal" ranges for blood test results
I am trying to find out what the 'normal' ranges are for the majority of the blood tests...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
Reply: "Normal" ranges for blood test results
Thank you for that link! It is very informative and I encourage others here to bookmark it...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
Reply: Blood Test Results
I clicked POST before I was finished with my post! This website also includes research...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
Blood Test Results
I found a useful website that lists various blood tests and gives the definitions and...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
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Reply: cold sores inside your mouth (oral ulcers)
There is a product called Orabase Soothe and Seal that works really well on the mouth...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
New Year's Lupus Diagnosis
Well, I guess the title says it all. I started the New Year off by getting a definitive...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
Reply: New Year's Lupus Diagnosis
Thanks so much for everyone's comments-it is greatly appreciated. Although I haven't...More
Posted by TXDIYGal
Reply: Skin problems and Information Video
Hi amyrose, I have incredibly dry and itchy skin but not painful except where my rash is....More
Posted by TXDIYGal

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