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Reply: My update
Hi Mary, just last week I saw my rhuematologist, I went without foundation/ makeup so she...More
Posted by gringa1
Reply: Blahhh, blahhh
Thank you Lisa, I think you're right. I always go to him to help fix my problems, and this...More
Posted by gringa1
Blahhh, blahhh
So tomorrow I have appt. with my rhuemy, my husband said for me to be tested again, he...More
Posted by gringa1
Includes Expert Content
need answers regarding drinking decaf coffee
When I found out I had lupus I was told to give up all caffeine, coffee being my drug...More
Posted by gringa1
Reply: Hi Lupielisa
What I posted goes to both you girls, couldn't thank you more. BertieMore
Posted by gringa1
Reply: Monday Check in 6/5/11
Hi Lisa, Since I'm new with lupus, I don't know what to say, being I'm still learning...More
Posted by gringa1
Reply: Hi Lupielisa
sorry about the confusion, but what I posted still stands More
Posted by gringa1
Reply: Hi Lupielisa
Hi Lisa, I had posted earlier, post had trouble with website and it didn't post. Anyway, I...More
Posted by gringa1

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