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Reply: Tested positive for ANA Titer & Anti-DNA Double St...
Most people who have Lupus (SLE) have a positive ANA. Not all people who have...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Reply: Pleurisy
I have had bronchial problems before, and we treated it with asthma types of...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Reply: symptoms prior to diagnosis
Lupus can indeed affect the heart, though it is not as common, I believe as other...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Reply: Over doing it...
Oh, so true! I try to remind myself "remember what happened the last time?". Even...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Itchy rash
First of all - limit sun severely - no more than 20 minutes, and always use sun...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Reply: Non Specific Auto Immune Disease
Yes, I believe this is fairly common. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
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Reply: Lupus and Wheat/Glueten allergies?
You should see other discussions on this topic, as it has come up before. I think...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
I was diagnosed two years ago, so I don't have a lot of years experience, but so far...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
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Reply: Benlysta anyone tried it?
You should know that there is an active study going on for subcutaneous Benlysta. I...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC
Reply: Lupus and menopause.
Hi, I was already in menopause when Lupus was diagnosed. It has been pretty active...More
Posted by MaryConcordNC

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