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Reply: auto immune disease diagnosis
Perhaps you may want to visit this website for some answers. I hope that all goes well...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Fatigue, Exhaustion, reallly bad pain in arms, leg...
Sorry that you are feeling so bad. I have been there & still get there at times. As a...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: HELP?
Polymyositis, maybe? Not sure what can help you & hope you're feeling somewhat better...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: sarcoidosis diagnosis and treatment HELP
My experience with prednisone was not really bad. I was taking prednisone with plaquenil....More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Falling Apart
Yes, I do know how you feel about trying to manage your own condition & how men,...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Thank goodness I found webmd lupus community!
Hello. I know how you feel and was very grateful when I found this community as well. I...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: ATTN: Elizabeth WebMD:
Ladies: I'm so sorry to hear you are discouraged due to the lack of responses. I do pray...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Is it Lupus?
Sorry, I don't have any insight to offer you except that a few years back, that is what I...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Teeth Pain???
I really liked the Biotene products & their mouthwash worked pretty well also, as far...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi
Reply: Kidney Biopsy...YUK!
I bid you God's speed & pray that all things go well for you and is as painless as...More
Posted by 1stLadyDi

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