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Benlysta and Leflunomide
I was wondering if anyone has taken either one of these drugs, Benlysta (Belimumab...More
Posted by lisatru62
Lupus & Fatty Liver
I was diagnosed with Lupus approximately 4 years ago and discovered I also had kidney...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Lupus & Fatty Liver
Thanks for the reply. I would say it's my meds but I'm only on some blood pressure...More
Posted by lisatru62
What is cryoglobulinemic vasculitis
Is anyone familiar with cryoglobulinemic vasculitis? I was diagnosed with Lupus several...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Disability
If you have a diagnosis of SLE you might be eligible for disability. Unfortunately,...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: Could I have Shingles or Lupus???
If the bumps are on only one side of your body, almost like you are split in half, then...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: lyrica
Lyrica is a medication for epilepsy and changes the chemistry in your brain to reduce...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: How am I supposed to feel?
Life with SLE is interesting, there are days when you might feel okay and then days when...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: New to Lupus
Sedimentary blood rate is only one test that is done to check several factors that maybe...More
Posted by lisatru62
Reply: lupus nephritis
I was also diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis but only stage 2. While I'm on medication it...More
Posted by lisatru62